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86fb Football Investment

Knowledge is power and with power you can take on and overcome any challenge you face in this world. Even in the bible, in the book of Hosea, God said that His people perish for lack of knowledge.

So what I will share with you in this material is knowledge combined into one comprehensive package that can change your life and your financial situation forever.I am not greedy I want to share this with you so that you can benefit from it too.I refer to this as “investment betting” and it is offered by 86FB.

I implore you to read this to the end because it is the one of the few materials you will read that can change your life forever.Even if you cannot read it all at once, you can come back to it after some time but do not delay.

what is 86fb Football Investment Betting?

At this point, you are probably trying to tune out because you are not comfortable with the word “betting”

Slow down and read on till the end to understand what it is all about.

Many betting platforms exist in Nigeria such as betking, 9jabet and so on which offer people the chance to make huge returns on their money invested known as the “capital” when they place bets.

86fb Football Investment

The problem with these types of platforms is that there is a high risk that once you give a wrong prediction, you will lose your capital and expected profit leaving you with nothing, absolutely nothing. It can be a gut-wrenching feeling that can lead to depression. So frustrating!!!Thankfully, there is an alternative space with a unique approach to guaranteeing an almost 100% chance of winning with little to no risk.

I coined the phrase “investment betting” for the approach. The approach adopted in this investment betting provides a security for your capital such that in the unlikely event that you get a prediction wrong, the only thing that you would lose is your profit but not your capital.

86fb Football Investment

Your capital is preserved by the company using what is called a “capital preservation plan” which is designed by a team of expert analysts in 86FB.So in one way, it is still betting but with almost no risk. In another way, it is simply following the instruction of an expert to invest your money in a way that will hardly go wrong to deny you from making a profit. Hence, the combination to form the name “investment betting”

who are 86fb Football Investment and are they legitimate?

86FB is a football betting platform whose holding company is based in the UAE, UK and China*. It is regulated by the local government in Nigeria and is registered as 86FB with CAC registration CAC number 1891287.

click here to get the CAC details

Follow the link to find out about the company and paste the *86FB CAC number 1891287 to obtain the result below.

86fb football cac
86fb football investment cac certificate

how does one make money on this platform?

For those in Nigeria, you can start investing with as little as N3,500n and as much as 10 million naira on a single deposit (your choice).

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For those outside Nigeria, you can deposit in dollars (USDT) or any acceptable currencies as shown in the image below. You will get a bonus 

for your initial deposit to increase your betting capital. Booster!!!

IMG 20220403 173837 1

Now, the experts from 86fb Football Investment present members with games to invest their bets in using the

“unlikeliest outcome” situation. What this means is that any score line other than what is offered 

to bet gives a win.

For example, if team A and team B are to play a game and the experts 

instruct all members following the capital preservation plan to predict that team A will lose 0-3 to team B at a profit rate of 1.05%, then any other score line other than 0-3 in favor of team 

B will give you the win for your capital at the rate of 1.05%. In fact, at any time in the game 

(even the 1st minute) once team A scores you have won your profit. So, 0-0, 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 1-0, 

1-1, 2-0, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-0 and so on will give a win to all members at 1.05% of their capital.

To increase daily winnings, members will be offered three games to play every day at 11.00am, 

4.30pm and 9pm. A typical day’s total interest rate on the platform is 2.7% of your available 

capital after all possible administrative deductions have been made. So set your alarm clock to 

notify you when instructions will be passed those times to avoid missing out on making money

Now if you want to see how your money can grow on this platform, here is a sample data to 

guide you. *Let’s say you invest 100,000 naira* as your first deposit, what will happen is that you 

will get a *bonus of about 3,000 naira* based on images shown in the previous page for bonuses. 

But for the sake of simplicity, let us just ignore the 3,000 naira bonus. So at a 2.7% daily rate 

here is how your money will grow from day 1 to day 30.

IMG 20220403 174746
86fb Football Investment compound interest analysis

Day 1 = 100,000

Day 2 = 100,000 x 1.027 = 102,700

Day 3 = 102,700 x 1.027 = 105,472

Day 4 = 105,472 x 1.027 = 108,320

Now lets skip the rest of the days and jump to day 29.

Day 29 = 210,849 x 1.027 = 216,542

Day 30 = 216,542 x 1.027 = 222,389

The calculations above show that your money yields 222% of its original value or an interest 

of 122% over 30 days if you play all three games per day for the 30 day duration. This is 

absolutely mind-blowing. See the image on the next page for possible winnings.

There are two other ways to make money on the platform though not as direct as the investment betting path.

These are the dealer benefits and agent monthly salary.

The dealer benefits system which offers dealers various benefits is such that the more people you get to join the platform, you get a one-time amount for each level you attain.

See values in the image below. Also, for every win your team member (i.e. those you bring into the game through your promotion link) makes and those down to three levels below you, you will make a small portion of their winning (not taken from their winning, but the company pays you from it send). See below

IMG 20220403 175016
86fb Football Investment dealer benefit

The monthly salary path is quite harder but not impossible to achieve with hard work and commitment. Members will need to get different numbers of people as part of their team and when such numbers reach specific thresholds then a certain salary is guaranteed on a monthly basis once the conditions are met. See the image below on how it works.

IMG 20220403 WA0010
86fb Football Investment salary benefit

How to register on 86fb Football Investment and start winning daily?

Simply click here to Register and start making money instantly.

During registration, you will have to provide a 

Username and password*. Remember that betting is age-based and so, only adults from *18 years and above* can be registered on the platform.

Once you complete your registration, you can 

make your first deposit of any amount you choose.

 Now, choose wisely how much you deposit because bonus rates are attached to the amount of your first and second deposits only as 

indicated previously. When you register, you will be assisted to join a whatsapp group where 

you will see other members and receive information about how to make money including the 

capital preservation plans to follow.

IMG 20220403 175839
86fb Football Investment

Also, you will need to generate your own promotion link to distribute to the team members 

whom you will recruit to join you, and make money from them. 

To do so, 

go to the menu bar 

on the left of the screen represented by the three lines and then click it. You will see a host of 

options in the menu. Click on affiliate report and it will take you to where you can click on 

promotion code. See images below.

IMG 20220403 180057
86fb Football Investment promotion code reveal

Are there any impediments to my daily winnings?

The most important key to steady inflow of money every day on the platform is your daily engagement and continuous participation. The bets are not placed automatically for you. If you miss out on placing a bet and the particular game starts then you will miss out on making money for that game.

How to withdraw from 86fb football Investment

Once your capital starts to grow you will want to withdraw some of that enticing profit you have made.

To begin with, you will be required to bind your 86FB account to your personalbank account to enable ease of withdrawals.

See images below. Withdrawals if successful may take some time to go through and reflect in your bank account. You may need to exercise some patience. Other information including limits are also provided.

IMG 20220403 WA0013
86fb Football Investment withdrawal procedure

How to get 86fb Football Investment daily prediction on WhatsApp

After registering and funding your account next step is to join the official WhatsApp group where predictions are posted daily

To do so message us here to be added

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