86fb Football: Full Details About 86fb football Investment

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86fb football review

Having to go and gamble with my hard earned money was a no ,no for me. But I was fortunate to have someone explained 86fb and how the platform works and I saw it was completely different from the traditional betting things going on, where the chances of loosing is so high.

86FB is a football betting platform under the City Football Group. It’s a common adventure holding company in the UAE (United Arab Emirate), the UK and China. Grounded in Manchester, it operates and manages a number of football clubs around the world, has a club certified and regulated by the original government in Nigeria, and has set up a legal Internet sports event investment company.

what is 86fb football

86fb football is a sports trading platform that guarantees you a minimal of 3 and above profit on your investment daily with no loss

86fb football was initiated on May 2015, it has a very strong background. The IFC Global International team undertakes the national general agent of 86FB Football in Nigeria because they understand the strength of the platform.

86 Football is a sports investment company headquartered in Manchester, UK. Co-founded by City Football Group CFG Co., Ltd.

86fb platform gives opportunity for us to place a correct score at the opposite position. In the sense that when you stake a game to play 3-2 and they didn’t do it, you WON and when they played 3-2 you LOSS but gets your staking capital back. The company offers 100% insurance policy not like other betting company that doesn’t care weather you win or loss.

The platoon has three match plans every day.

86fb Game Plan


11:AM to be played by 2pm


4:00pm to be played by 6:30pm or 7:00pm


9pm to be played by 11:30pm


What is The Average Monthly Profit For 86fb Investors?

Investing will bring you long-term benefits with lower risk. If you are investing in gold, bitcoin, futures, crude oil, funds, stock and foreign exchange, you need a lot of money and time to observe the market. If the market fluctuates, you will always loss.


The average monthly profit is between 10% to 100%. In the Global International Agency Team Capital Preservation Plan, the monthly profit rate is about 200+. If you invest in real estate and other industries, it may be 1% when you start to make a profit. Years or two, and you can start your investment career when you join the team in the Global International Agency Team Capital Protection Pla

86fb Football Registration: How To Register and Activate Your Account On 86FB Football

86fb registration is so simply just have your trading capital of N3,500 minimum, then click here to Register

Click here to Join the WhatsApp group

86fb Football App Download

Download The App and start trading

How To Deposit – Step By Step Process On How To Top Up Or Fund Your Account On 86fb

  • Click on My
  • 2. Click on Top up
  • Select either Bank payment or Usdt
  • For Bank payment, Choose Gmspay (Nigeria) or Starpay
  • Input the amount then click on confirm recharge (Minimum recharge: N3500)
  • On the next page you will be given the account details to transfer to. If you want to change your payment method, at the base of the page, there is an option to change payment method.
  • After payment with bank transfer, click i have made this transfer and wait for the system to confirm your payment(5-30minutes)
  • For Usdt payment, click on Trc20 then input the amount and confirm recharge.(Minimum recharge: 9 Usdt)
  • On the next page you will be given a Trc20 address to transfer to
  • After the transfer, wait for about 5-30 minutes for the system to confirm. Your balance should be updated immediately after confirmation.
IMG 20220322 WA0064
86fb football deposit process

Cick here to get started https://www.86z.com/#/pages/register/index?share_code=23644488

About 86fb Football Withdrawal Charges

Their is 5% charges on every withdrawal been placed on 86 Football site or app.

the lowest amount to be withdrawn is N3,500 and a maximum of N10,000,000 for Nigerians.

How Do 86fb Football Make Profit?

The company makes money from people losses, I mean the ones that play outside the capital preservation plan , and also the 5% withdraw fee is another subtle means of generating revenues to the company.


In addition, the company has a financial backing of IFC international that is likely involved with the world Bank finance, plus there are large investors from United Kingdom, Dubai and Asia.

Is 86fb Football Safe For Nigerians to Invest?

The platform 86 Football is absolutely safe and stable, and the background is strong. The group is concertedly held by three colleges, the main investor Abu Dhabi United Consortium (ADUG) holds 78 of the shares, China Cultural Industry Investment Fund and CITIC Group concertedly hold 12, and the last 10 is held by Silver Lake Investment Group. Operates numerous football clubs around the world.

The way we play it isn’t clumsy. You only follow the exact instructions and scoreline given by the platoon admin, and at the end of each match, your profit appears on your dashboard.

86FB Football works with a rear algorithm, that is, we prognosticate a scoreline that can’t be, that guarantees our win. However, If the score line we choose is what the game ends in, it means we have lost, and your capital that you played with will be reversed back to your wallet, instead of you losing your money. So it’s a total win-win situation

is 86fb Football Registered in Nigeria?

Click here Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission CAC, paste the 86FB CAC Registration Number 1891287 and search to confirm that 86FB platform is registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

IMG 20220326 082142
86fb football CAC registration
images 1 1
86fb CAC registration certificate

Conculion /Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Note: Do not place bets without authorization to avoid losses. Bet strictly according to the team plan. For the loss caused by the purchase of bets according to the plan, the team will bear all the betting amounts in the plan (total funds not less than 3500NGN). Bet privately at your own risk.

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  1. I forgot my withdrawal password and it seems impossible to reset it as it keeps saying that the old password I enter is wrong on the process of setting up new password and confirming if. This is my first withdrawal and I am experiencing this

    • if you are on the official WhatsApp group chat any of the admins they will help you out but if you are not on the group chat us privately so I can send you one of the admin contact

  2. Admin please I made a transaction through gmspay Nigeria and the 86fb account was not funded and my money not returned
    What do I do to get it back

  3. Pls I’m trying to make my first withdrawal but they didn’t send my verification code, tried it multiple times, I’ve also texted the customer care service and I’m yet to get a response. what should I do???

  4. Pls I have issue with my phone number, there was mistakes on my number, I couldn’t receive my verification number. Pls this is the correct number 08062163045


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