Full Steps On How To Add Core Network To Metamask (Core network Mainet)

Asking how to add core network to Metamask?, How to add core chain to Metamask?, or how to add core Blockchain to Metamask? Keep reading as we are going to give out the simplest steps on how to do it perfectly

Firstly, congratulations to all the core miners formerly called satoshi Btcs miners as the Mainet is now live after testnet was live some months back. Now is time for the the real core

How To Add Core Network To Metamask

Firstly before adding core to Metamask you need to download Metamask either on Google play store for Android users or on iOS for iPhone users

Follow the steps below to setup your Core Public Chain Network.

  1. Go to your Metamask
  2. click on the “Menu Bar”
word image 2850 2
  1. click on “Settings”
word image 2850 3
  1. click on *Networks”
word image 2850 4
  1. click on “Add Network”
word image 2850 5
  1. Fill in the following information where required

Core Chain Mainet Details

Network name: Core Chain

RPC Url: https://rpc.coredao.org

Chain ID: 1116

Symbol: CORE

Block Explorer URL: https://scan.coredao.org

word image 2850 6

After inserting the above details you will be able to see core network on your Metamask.

word image 2850 7

After adding core network to Metamask the next thing to do is to withdraw your core to Metamask. To do this click here to know how to withdraw core to Metamask

For more updates and information follow core on twitter

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