How to buy smg token: 2 ways to buy smg token


we have explained alot about smg token. On this post we will be discussing on how to buy smg token in a simple and easy way.

We love talking about this token because we believe on the project as we have seen where the project is heading to.

What I love about this token is Just the Ecosystem, what you can use the token to do, e.g you can use the token to purchase a flight ticket, book for hotel, pay for a dating site, play lotto, shop with the token, play and buy games with the token, pay for an online educational course

How to buy smg token

Now we are going to answer the question which many people have been asking several times on how to buy smg token.

There are two different ways to buy the smg token


  1. Buying through an exchange
  2. Buying through the Investment site

Buying through exchange

Smg token have listed their token on many exchanges which makes it easy and simple to purchase the token

The token has been listed with different pair which means you can easily swap with any of the pairs listed on


There are many exchanges which the token has been listed on as of time of writing which are:







Procedures on how to buy smg token

To purchase smg token on any of the above listed exchanges or more exchange to be listed soon just follow the following steps

  1. Register on any exchange of your choice

2. Fund your wallet: Before funding your wallet first know the pairs paired with smg token then deposit the paired coiin

e.g smg/usdt (fund your wallet with usdt) ,smg/btc (fund your wallet with btc), smg/bnb (fund your wallet with eth), smg/eth (fund your wallet with eth) e.t.c

click on trade

4. Search for Smg

5. Choose the pairs (smg/usdt, smg/btc, smg/bnb, smg/eth)

6. Set your buy order price or you can buy at the market price.

Smg token app

smg token has its own app where you can store your token or you can also store it on trustwallet.

to store using the smg token app you have to

  1. Download the app from playstore or Apple store
Smg token app
Smg token app

2. Register for an account

3. Store your private key on a secure place where no other person can have access to.

Make sure you safeguard your private key as it’s the only means you can restore your coin if you loss, misplace or mistakenly uninstalled the app on your phone

With your Smg. To app private key you can use it to export your coins to trustwallet or metamask.

4. You will be given a wallet address. the address contains both your smg token and bsc address, so if you send smg token to that address you will receive smg token, if you also send bsc to that same address you will also receive bsc coin because the smg token is built on bsc network.

SMG token solmax contract address

Below is the smg token contract address details as their are many coins out there posing to be smg token

Screenshot 20211004 011730 How to buy smg token: 2 ways to buy smg token
smg token contract address

Total Supply:490,000,000 SMG

Contract address: 0xd01adc16ce42d678800b3fe67e1f053433d8e9f7


with those details above, you can use it to add the token on trustwallet

To comfirm the above detail always check on Bscscan site.

Buying through the Investment site

how to withdraw from solmax i200 account

you can buy or withdraw your earnings to smg token from the solmax group investment site which we have explained here how to withdraw your solmax i200 earnings.


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