2 Easy step on How to create a sidra chain wallet

Easy Step by step guide to Successfully create a sidra chain wallet

As the sidra chain is preparing for its mainnet launch, it is very necessary to create your sidra wallet. Here, we will teach you how to create a sidra chain wallet. This step is very simple as easy as ABC, let’s delve in


First let’s know what sidra chain wallet is all about

What is a sidra chain wallet?

A Sidra chain wallet serves as a secure and multifunctional accessory designed to facilitate various transactions, including receiving, sending, and securely storing your valuable Sidra coin, providing users with a comprehensive solution for managing their digital assets in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Method 1: How to Successfully Create a Sidra Chain Wallet on the sidra website

If you’re looking to create a Sidra chain wallet, especially on the recommended Sidra chain site renowned for its Sidra coin mining capabilities, here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless and trouble-free creation process.

1. Start by logging into the Sidra site; you can access it by clicking here –

2. Utilize your login credentials to securely access your account.


3. Once logged in, locate and click on the Wallet icon.

4. Opt for the ‘Create New Wallet’ option to initiate the wallet setup

5. Click on ‘Create New Wallet’ again (this is the recommended option).

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6. A confirmation prompt will appear, asking if you’re certain about creating a new wallet; affirm your decision by selecting ‘Create Wallet.’

Screenshot on How to create a sidra chain wallet
create a Sidra wallet screenshot guide

Congratulations! Your Sidra wallet has been successfully created, providing you with a secure platform for managing your Sidra coins.

This user-friendly guide ensures that creating your Sidra Chain wallet is as straightforward as can be. Embrace the simplicity and security as you prepare to navigate the exciting features of the Sidra Chain mainnet.


Method 2: Connecting Sidra Chain Wallet via Metamask

If you opted for the alternative route of creating your Sidra Chain wallet by adding the Sidra Chain RPC on Metamask, and thereby automatically generating a Sidra Chain wallet, you can seamlessly link it to the Sidra Chain site for claiming or transferring mined coins to the mainnet. Follow the steps below for a hassle-free connection:

  • Open or launch your Metamask wallet.
  • On the dapp, enter and submit.
  • Login using your Sidra login credentials.
  • Click on the wallet icon
  • Then click Register a local wallet (advanced users).
  • A warning message will appear, indicating the need to connect the wallet account to Sidra Chain.
  • Acknowledge the security risks by clicking “I understand the security risks.”
  • Click on “Connect” to share your account address, balance, activity, and allow the site to initiate transactions.
Screenshot on how to connect sidra chain wallet to Metamask
Sidra wallet Metamask connect screenshot
  • Another pop-up message will appear; once opened, click on “Sign.”

Congratulations! Your Metamask Sidra Chain wallet is now successfully connected to your Sidra Chain site, providing you with a streamlined platform for managing and utilizing your mined coins.


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