How to Get Crypto Airdrops: Full Detailed Explanation On the 4 types of crypto Airdrops

Before we get in full on how to get crypto airdrops, there are two keywords we need to explain first

  1. crypto and 2. Crypto Airdrop

What is crypto?

What is Crypto Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is a free giveaway or free distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin or simply the transfer of free crypto coins or tokens from a crypto project into the beneficiaries wallet

First and foremost crypto airdrop is implemented as a way of gaining attention and new followers in other to build a very large community.

Investopedia explained a crypto airdrop as a marketing stunt that involves sending coins or tokens to the wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new virtual currency.

Different types of airdrops in the crypto space

Crypto Airdrops is what I call digital free money in the crypto space.

one thing about crypto airdrop is that you spend a little or no dime in order to get those airdrops.

let’s explain the different types of airdrops in the crypto space

1. Holders Airdrop

this type of airdrop go to people who have some amount of other crypto coins or tokens in their wallets e.g

On Binance account, people who stake bnb get airdrop whenever Binance are doing airdrops

Binance ones sent or Binance users who staked bnb or chz ones received Manchester city fan, Porto fan token, and many more tokens to their wallet

2. Exclusive Airdrop

in this type of airdrop, crypto airdrops are been sent out to a group of people who follow an airdrop aggregator. these third parties sites share news about the upcoming and promising crypto airdrop projects e.g coinmarketcap airdrop

3. Bounty Airdrop

Bounty airdrop all you need to do is to perform some promotional activity before receiving the airdrops e.g.

  • joining their telegram channel
  • joining their telegram group
  • following their Instagram handle
  • following their Twitter handle
  • retwitting their pinned post on twitter
  • Facebook like
  • subscribing to their YouTube channel (few)
  • following coinmarketcap Twitter handle, telegram channel and group, Facebook, and YouTube channel

then after performing all these activities next thing to do is:-

  • Add the coins or tokens address to your trust wallet using the coin or token contract address
  • copy your address and paste where necessary

4. Standard Airdrop

this type of airdrop transfers some amount of their native tokens or coins into an existing wallet a networking strategy

In this type of airdrop all you need to do is to (1.) sign up for an account (2.) Provide your wallet address during distribution time.

How to Get Crypto Airdrops

How to get crypto airdrops
How to Get Crypto Airdrops

Now that we have explained what crypto is, what crypto airdrop is, and also explained the 4 types of airdrop in the crypto space, now let’s explain how to get the airdrops.

  • to get free tokens or coins (airdrops) you have join some airdrop WhatsApp groups or telegram groups where you will be getting those informations
  • like we explained on holders airdrop you need to stake one coin or token In order to get an airdrop whenever they are doing their airdrop snaphot e.g staking bnb on Binance account qualifies you get airdrop whenever they are doing airdrop
  • you get airdrops by performing some tasks as we explained on bounty airdrop to be among the airdrop perfoemers or beneficiaries join the telegram group here

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