How To Get Free Cryptocurrency


Here, am going to show you how to get free cryptocurrency

Where to find free cryptocurrency through airdrops

How to stay safe

What are airdrops?

Airdrops are free cryptocurrencies that they do to promote that coin or token.

Airdrops are the easiest ways to promote a cryptocurrency out there.


Why airdrops are done

  •  they want people to see their coin or token
  • They want them to get that taste of what the cryptocurrency can do


These are the things you will be needing before you start getting into the full airdrop game to collect free cryptocurrency.

1. Create an account just for airdrops: start off with creating a software wallet to hodl this crytocurrency, you don’t really need to connect your real cryptocurreny wallet to any of these airdrops, because a lot of them are shady and a lot of them are scams and it really help to keep your funds separate from your real wallet and your for fun wallet to see if you can actually make money off these sketchy projets and I recommend  this three wallets

how to get free cryptocurrency

  • Trustwallet (binance smart chain):  you will be needing a trust wallet because it has a binance smart chain address that  you will need for certain projects

how to get free cryptocurrency

  • Huobi wallet (Huobi  ECO chain):  Huobi wallet will be giving you the Huobi ECO chain address that you can use for also airdrops

how to get free cryptocurrency

  • Maiar (EGLD): maiar wallet runs on EGLD and they just have airdrops there too

So get those three wallets, create a backup for them, secure them safely,


2. Twitter account:  I will not recommend you use your usual account, create a separate account for airdrops

3. Telegram account:  create a telegram account just for airdrops, I  recommend and advise you not to use your main telegram account for airdrops. You can create an account with a google voice number which you can create for free.

Where to find airdrops/How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

There are four semi-legitimate places to find airdrops – how to get free cryptocurrency

Let’s start with the most legitimate one

1. coinmarketcap: all you have to do is go in there,  search by keyword and search for airdrops, hit search and then it will show you all the upcoming airdrops for the next three months, each of these would have very specific requirements for you to get that airdrop, some of them might  include owning that token and hodling it on that platform

2. Reddit: there is a whole subreddit on crypto airdrops and they do a lot of different posts on upcoming airdrops. A lot of them are spammy, use them at your own risk. You just go to the search and type airdrop, ten you search for posts in the past week, and then just start combining the results for any easy airdrops

3. Twitter: login to Twitter, search for airdrop, and then you can search by the latest posts, and then you can see what’s happening, so there are a couple of airdrops

4. Airdropalerts: airdrop alerts have a lot of smaller projects. on airdrop alert, you will have access to

  • Defi Airdrops: Decentralized Finance (Defi) refers to the entire gamut of processes and transactions of financial products on the blockchain. This open-source, peer-to-peer transaction system rules out the necessity of any centralized intermediaries like banks. It leverages something called Smart Contracts, which are computer programs, to run their operations without much human intervention.   
  • Exclusive Airdrops: Exclusive airdrops are a special category of airdrops for which we take the responsibility of registration, distribution, and promotion

how to get free cryptocurrency

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