8 thoughts on “3 Simple Methods On How To Login To Whyi Backoffice (For Solmaxglobal i100 and Solmaxgroup i200 Members)”

  1. I urgently require assistance, I cannot remember my Solmax back office login details,and the transaction password. I have been trying to login to Solmax for two years now.

  2. Please since the upgrade from solmax to whyi, all my loyalty poin, bonus point and my daily income just disappeared….my dashboard is empty i don’t know why….please help a sister because i took loan to investment in it and since i invested i have not withdraw for the past 7 month…..please why is all my pont and money not reflecting on this whyi dashboard

  3. Please my loyalty point and bonus point in solmax is not reflecting on my Whyi dashboard i dont know why…..i took a loan to invest in solmax 7 months ago and since then i have never made any withdrawals because i want the money to grow but since the upgrade to Whyi my dashboard has been empty …..all my loyalty point, bonus point and the money i invested is not reflecting on my Whyi dashboard …..please help a sister


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