Making money online has been easier than previous years in which making money online is for those who are online guru’s or something people always refer to people with their laptops or smartphone always browsing as yahoo guys who make money by frauding or scamming people online.
Today, you can simply make money by just doing what you does on facebook on chatmogul and get paid daily than only chatting on facebook and get nothing in return

what is chatmogul?

Chatmogul is referred as the first online paying social media. chatmogul pays it’s members for doing what they do on facebook.

how chatmogul works

Before you register as a member of chatmogul you have to know the ways it works and ways you can generate income from the site without regretting why you register.
Let me start by saying that chatmogul has two site i.e main domain and subdomain.
the main domain i refer as thechatmogul while i refer the sub-domain as dchatmogul.

what’s the difference between thechatmogul and dchatmogul?

Thechatmogul is the main domain where you earn by reading trending news on the site and earn a reward and also you earn for logging in daily plus sharing sponsored post to your facebook account and get also get paid.
Dchatmogul is where you make or earn income for just posting on your account, chatting with friends, commenting on post on your post or other user’s post, liking on post your post or other user’s posts.

See below for breakdown on how you earn  for using dchatmogul.

  • you comment on posts you earn (20 point) each
  • you like you earn (10 points) each
  • you post you earn (100 points) each
Again with chatmogul you also earn by referring your friends to the system and earn commission as their their referrer.
Referring people is not and easy task but with chatmogul its not compulsory that you must refer to get but as a referer you can withdraw weekly while those without referral withdraws in a fixed date.
Let me give you tips hints on how you can get referral easily.

  1. you can create a facebook group and invite your friends by adding them to the group
  2. you also create a whatsapp group and also do the same thing by adding your friend on the whatsapp group you created.
as i mentioned above on thechatmogul i wrote you earn by sharing sponsored post on facebook and get paid.
see how you share sponsored post and get paid .
  • on the thechatmogul dashbord click on viral postaLenih8lssuzqbdzao
  • copy the text
  • download the image under the text
  • login to your facebook account
  • On your facebook account dashboard
  • click on the post a statue update
Ca5UcowEKNzCvzbyAZkMmSIm01p7Ioy8KHpYPy0gpC4Eqz23MJM6kIjiO6vqZAh8TP3L6rXVYYeYGySasxBN4NswRx9o0Y4K7BSmLutzct0zODiPbMObRFCQDWyz7cYWzxWPJ rTSiIW6qHvTw
  • paste the text you copied and also add the image you downloaded.
  • then click on post and make sure your post privacy is shown public to help chatmogul know that you are posting their sponsored lost on your facebook account for payment purpose.
see screenshot below
how to register on chatmogul
to become a member of chatmogul and start making income weekly or monthly Click Here To Register with a one time fee of one thousand, eight hundred naira only(NGN1,800).
Note: posting viral or sponsored post daily helps increase income and also post, comment, like on post on dchatmogul daily for more income.


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  2. The Agent I registered under is telling me dat 5000 Mog is =3000# does it mean I won’t be paid for what I paid for cos I have 10000 Mog which is not up to 10000# plz I need an answer about dis I need to if he is playing smart on us and if So pls what do I do

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  4. Am a member of thechatmogul but the problem is that i am not seeing any mog withdrawal form and am up to 3 weeks and my mog point is over 9000

  5. Hey guys pls what is the maximum amount u can withdraw as a non referral on Chatmogul. Cos I have over 20,000 mog and 8,ooo mpoint but they are saying the minimum u can earn is 5000 I don't understand someone should pls clarify me

  6. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.

  7. Am a new member, pls how do I start because I have done most of the things listed here but the poimt it's not showing on my dash board.. Please I need help

  8. Great content material and great layout. Your website deserves all of the positive feedback it’s been getting.


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