Slourish: How To Invest And Make Profit Online With Slourish

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how to invest and make profit online with slourish

Their are different ways one can invest online without panicking or stressing or even been worried about his or her money been getting lost or scam.

Let me just go straight to the point and talk about the way one can invest and earn more income online with slourish.

 What is slourish?

i.Slourish is an online account in which investor and non-investor are previlaged to invest in  any company of their choice like agriculture,real estate,telecommunication and so on and so forth.

ii. Slourish is an online account in which one can save and get something in return or interest.


iii.Slourish is an online platform in which everyone is allowed to join hands in building and growing the next big brand using fees naira or dollars.

Ways one can earn

full banner interestWith Slourish one can earn income through the following ways:

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With this HPS program one can earn up to 4% interest by funding his or her hashed profit shares(HPS). With hps one Don’t need to store his or her money in bank and get nothing from them for banking with them instead they will find a way to eat and deduct you money and call it one name lime that. With HPS one can Fund his or her wallet with a minimum of NGN100,000 and make up to 22% of his capital for every month for free without your money been dedicated or you been charged for banking with them.


With this type of account one can save his her money with Slourish and make profit for saving with them for free. The benefit of this account is that you can lock your savings of any amount for a fixed date. With this account one can create a good saving habit for him/her self using this simple technology.



This is the way in which Slourish compasates  their customers for being or referring their friend to the platform.

i.As a free member you will earn NGN100 each for inviting your friends to the performance when they register with you affiliated link.

ii.As a premium member you will earn NGN10,000 each for inviting your friends to the great platform when they sign up with your athlete link.



With Slourish one can invest his money with any company of his choice that is Slourish approved  company or registered company in the sector.

Their are different ways one can invest with Slourish
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ii.real estate development company

iii.payment processing company

iv.cinematography e.t.c

Also as a registered member of Slourish you can apply for loan.their are different loan package depending on your choice

i. Bailout loan package

With bailoutloan package  any one that is a salary earned can request a loan at any given time of his or her choice.

ii.project loan package

This project loan package are for those people with reliable source of income,who just need help to boost their small financial projects.

iii. Enterprise loan package

Enterprise loan package are for small business owner’s who ate looking for fast track to venture with little or much funds.

As you have seen or known the different ways one can make money with slourish.
Let us see how to register in other to start earning like others.
To join the earning team click on register on their site and fill out the form as its shown below
In conclusion,making more money with Slourish depends on the amount of money you funded or deposited to .

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