Top 8 SMG Token Ecosystem Full Explanation


On this topic let’s discuss about smg token ecosystem

SMG token is a cryptocurrency that can be used to make payment, store in your wallet, buy and send to anyone around the globe, We will be discussing on the

Smg token is under Binance smart chain (Bep20 or Bsc). Smg token has its own app which can be downloaded on playstore and IOS device. Smg token has been listed on my exchanges including Kryptochange, Bilaxy,, Fatbtc. Know more Here

SMG Token Ecosystem

  • SMG Travel
  • SMG Bid
  • SMG Academy
  • SMG Money
  • SMG Exchange
  • SMG Point Of Sale
  • SMG Shop
  • SMG Cab

smg token ecosystem



Smg travel is an agency leading across the globe. With smg travel you can book for a flight ticket or hotel around the world. With smg token you can book any flight or hotel using the token as mode of payment.

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smg travel


With smg academy you will be eligible to learn any course online with expert instructions in fintech, blockchain, Forex, cryptocurrency, law and many more with a lifetime access.

On obtaining any course on Smg Academy platform you will be given a professional certificate which you can use to search for jobs in any country of your choice.

SMG offers a wide set of fields for diploma studies at different levels accredited by OTHM. SMG Academy foundation program is also certified by OTHM. All courses offered by SMG Academy are Recognized World-wide .

smg token ecosystem


With smg bid you can bid against a certain products and gets the product. Smg bid uses a combination of p2p network and cryptography and brings users an advanced reverse bidding platform. Smg token can be used to bid on smg bid site.



Transportation is something that can’t fade away in this planet earth, smg cab provides a cab services to the world to enhance a smooth and easy movement of people from one place to another. On ordering for a cab you can pay using the smg token as mode of payment.


We are on a century that has embraced cryptocurency and crypto is meant to be traded on exchanges. With smg exchange you can exchange and trade your coins to another including Ethereum, Bitcoin and many more.

smg token ecosystem


Shop is a place where you buy and sell your products. Smg shop makes it possible to everyone to buy and sell any products under one place without a middleman and you trade with low fees.


This product offers a clear API for immediate buying and selling of products with the use of cryptocurrency.


Smg money is a platform that abolishes all the inefficiencies forging the path for cross-border transactions, cheaper transaction, and transparency.


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