Whyi legit or scam: Uncovering the Truth

Is Whyi legit or scam company? Let’s explore the reasons that support the claim that is indeed a scam.



Whyi Legit or scam – Reasons

Below are facts and evidence that proves that is 100% scam

Lack of Communication Channels

Effective communication is a crucial aspect of any reputable business. Unfortunately, this is one area where falls short. The CFO of the company, Abdul Rehman Sandhu, who used to regularly appear in Zoom meetings, has been absent for several years now. This absence raises concerns about the transparency and credibility of

Non-Functioning Email Support System

Another red flag is the non-functioning email support system. Both and are either unable to receive emails or simply cannot be found. This lack of proper communication channels further adds to the suspicions surrounding

Sudden Termination of the VP of Sales Representative

Investors relied on Azim Mirza, the VP of sales at, for informati

on and guidance. However, without any explanation, the company terminated his employment. This unexplained termination raises doubts about the company’s integrity and their commitment to providing reliable services to their investors.

Image from whyi company on the termination of the VP of sales
Whyi legit or scam

Unfulfilled Promises of Igniter 100 Shares

A reputable company is expected to deliver on its promises, especially when it comes to financial matters. In the case of, they failed to deliver on their commitment to pay Igniter 100 (i100) shares, dividends, or profits to their investors. initially originated from, where individuals invested significant amounts in the company’s shares, worth hundreds of millions of pounds. The company assured investors that these shares would be listed on the London Stock Exchange at a rate of £4 – £6 per share. However, this promise remains unfulfilled, as evident from an update shared on the official Whyi Telegram channel since April 2022.

Screenshot Image from the whyi official telegram channel promising members of receiving their i100 bonus
Whyi legit or scam

Failure to Disburse SMG Tokens

Adding to the suspicions, also failed to disburse SMG tokens obtained from their second website, Investors entrusted their funds to this platform while awaiting the listing of i100 shares on the public exchange. The failure to distribute these tokens further questions the legitimacy of and its operations.

KYC Verification for Additional Fees

To compound matters, after a prolonged period of waiting, the company introduced KYC verification on the website. Members were required to pay €10 each for this verification process. When considering the potential participation of 500,000 individuals, this amounts to a significant sum of approximately €5,000,000. Such additional fees raise concerns about the motives and integrity of Abdul Rehman Sandhu, further casting doubt on

In conclusion, based on the aforementioned reasons, it becomes apparent that is a scam. The lack of communication channels, non-functioning email support, unfulfilled promises regarding Igniter 100 shares and SMG tokens, and the introduction of KYC verification for additional fees all contribute to the overall deception and lack of trustworthiness displayed by It is crucial for investors to exercise caution and avoid engaging with this fraudulent entity.



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