whyi loyalty and compensation Plan: Whyi 4 Extra Stream of Income

In this post we will be discussing on the topic whyi loyalty and compensation Plan

Whyi Loyalty And Compensation Plan

There are two keywords here which we will be discussing 1. Loyalty and 2. Compensation Plan

Whyi Loyalty

You get rewarded for your loyalty, Convert your loyalty points into SMG.TO

Earn 150% loyalty points with every purchase on whyi

Screenshot 20220211 191016
Whyi Loyalty

This offer/promotion is educational purposes for a limited time only.

Whyi compensation Plan

Wbyi compensation plan are multiple income centres and bonuses you earn as an independent marketing partner (IMP).

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they are as follows:

Direct Bonus

Screenshot 20220211 191313
Whyi Direct bonus

Get 10% instant direct sales bonus on each package sale


ELITE mpackage = 4000 CV 4000 CV x 10% = €400

PREMIUM package = 800 CV
800 CV x 10% = €80

CV is 80% for all first-time package purchases, subsequent CV on all packages is calculated at 40%


Receive 10% team volume bonus daily from your weaker team.

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Qualification: – Direct left and Right with any package

Screenshot 20220211 184617
whyi Team bonus

Matching Bonus

Screenshot 20220211 185958
Whyi Matching Bonus

Leadership Rank

Screenshot 20220211 190143
Whyi Leadership Rank

For those that doesn’t know what smg token is read below


SMG.TO is a crypto token based on Binance smart chain and is tradable in different cryptocurrency exchanges and has its own eco-system of usability

you can buy smg token on the following Exchange

  • Fatbtc
  • Bitmart
  • catex
  • Consbit

Smg Token Eco-system

Screenshot 20220211 192157
smg token eco-system

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