Whyi: New solmax group back-office


solmax group has launched its new back office/ rebranded their name to whyi as promised by the core team to bring a new back office that will be user friendly, changed from dollar to euro, fast withdrawal (added local bank withdrawal,usdt withdrawal, smg token withdrawal), and so on.

About Whyi

Whyi is an established global online education company that promotes educational packages to members across the globe.

Whyi has been in operation since August 2017.

Whyi operates in over 170 countries and is debt-free and privately owned. they work with its members around the globe offering them ongoing support and training. We have an innovative business model with a financially rewarding compensation plan for our members.

Whyi Mission

Whyi is striving for maximizing potential. With sustainability at the forefront of their business, they offer access to accredited educational courses on emerging markets. Whyi has created a unique and innovative business model offering its members around the globe the opportunity to grow substantial businesses with unlimited earning potential.


Whyi Values

Whyi believes in a transparent business model that enables individuals to maximize their potential right from solmax i100 to date. Always working with the principle of sustainability at the forefront of what they do.

Whyi Packages Overview

Smart e1635317753857 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
Smart package


  • Education credits:5LP Points
Rookie e1635317980416 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
Rookie package


  • Education credits:10LP Points
Basic e1635318094991 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
Basic package


  • Education credits:20LP Points
Starter e1635317678586 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
Starter package


  • Education credits:50LP Points
Executive e1635318050531 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
Executive package



  • Education credits:100LP Points
Premium e1635318028899 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
premium package


  • Education credits:200LP Points
Professional e1635318005375 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
professional package


  • Education credits:500LP Points
Elite e1635318071627 Whyi: New solmax group back-office
Elite package


  • Education credits:1000LP Points

How to Register On Whyi Platform: whyi Registration link

step 1

Click here to Join the Whyi for free.

Step 2

Choose one of the above 8 packages – depending on your learning needs.

Step 3

Each package comes with a specific amount of credits.

Step 4

You can use these credits to enroll for any of the courses on the Whyi Academy platform.

Full details about whyi


8 thoughts on “Whyi: New solmax group back-office”

  1. Dear Sir/Madeum
    I have already open an account in solmax but I didn’t edit for whyi new account. Now solmax page is hide from solmax login page so How do I recover edit my account in solmax to whyi pl help me.. My account user name is Lal26

  2. I bought an executive package from the then solmax company which is now called whiyi. There are no updates as to what has been happening. Can I get a clarification pleasr


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