Chatmogul Review – How It Works Fully Explained


Chatmogul Review – How It Works

Do you wish to earn extra income without struggling online? Do you need to earn money online from the comfort of your home? Chatmogul is here for you as we are going to explain how it works

What is Chatmogul?

The Chat Mogul was created by a team of entrepreneurs who had the aim of connecting people through their social channels and also helping them get across to information through the media channel thereby creating employment opportunities for members in this means.


One of the main motives of Thechatmogul was to help to reduce the unemployment rate in the society and let the people make money while having fun online

 Chatmogul Review – How It Works

TheChatMogul is an online platform where people can interact with each other and also earning performing some specific tasks like:

How To Earn on Chatmogul

On the Chatmogul there are two site which are: which is the media channel (News site) where you earn MOG for reading news, commenting, and sharing of viral posts to your Facebook timeline


While which is the social channel site where you earn Mpoint for posting on your timeline, commenting on friends post, liking friends post and others.

Breakdown Earning On (Media Channel)

  • You Earn 200 MOG For every daily login
  • You Earn 10 MOG for reading any post
  • You Earn 10 MOG for Commenting on any post
  • When you share viral post to your Facebook timeline, you earn 100 MOG
  • You are to earn 5 MOG for every shared post.

Breakdown Earning On (Social Channel)

Other Means Of Earning includes:

  • You earn N20,000 for being the best affiliate of the week and N10,000 if your are the second affiliate of the week
  • Most Active member earn 5,000 every week
  • You earn 500 naira worth of airtime for sharing your payment proof on the Facebook group
  • The chat mogul pays you for inviting your friends to join the platform. They pay N2,000 as referral bonus for every person that registers using your registration link. Referral is 100% optional.

Chatmogul Sign Up – How To Register On Chatmogul

With the sum of N3,000, you will become a full member of Thechatmogul. You only need to pay once. One-time payment and you keep getting paid weekly.

On Chatmogul, there are two methods of registration.

  1. Click on the link below, fill in your details and make payment of N3,000 with your Debit Atm Card
How to register on Chatmogul

Chatmogul Sign up
  1. Can’t pay with an ATM card. Contact Us On Whatsapp so we can guide you on how to purchase the Chatmogul coupon code from any of the verified agents ( to avoid being scammed), then Use the code to Register.
chatmogul coupon code 

Chatmogul coupon code vendor

Also note that, Anybody can register on this platform irrespective of age, race, tribe etc. provided you have an active internet connection and any device such as a smartphone, or PC.

How To Withdraw On Chatmogul?

There are two types of withdrawal on Chatmogul platform which are

  • The referral withdrawal which comes up every Monday and Friday. You only withdraw your referral bonus directly to your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Chatmogul Non- referral withdrawal is done every 28th of each month. You request to withdraw your Mpoints and MOG which is then converted to cash and sent to your bank account

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Chatmogul

How To Get Referral Link In Chatmogul

To get your Chatmogul referral code follow this step below

  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Menu”
  • Click on “Dashboard”
  • Click on “Marketing”
  • Click on “Affiliate “

Then scroll down to see your referral link

Chatmogul Telegram Group

Click here to join the Chatmogul telegram group

Chatmogul Legit or Scam


Before one joins any online earning platform it is compulsory to know the legitimacy of that particular platform. For Chatmogul i applaud them for their good work since the year 2019 they started they have been paying its members.

Who Is The Owner Of Chatmogul? – Chatmogul CEO

Olakunle Abigael

Minimum Withdrawal On Chatmogul

The minimum withdrawal for referrals is N3,900 with withdrawal charge fee of N200

MOG earnings and M points which are paid for non-referral come from revenue generated from adverts therefore it is shared to every eligible member who successfully fills the form when it comes out.

Hence your MOG is upto 5000 and M points is upto 10,000. You’re qualified to fill the MOG WITHDRAWAL FORM when it comes up in your dashboard provided you’ve been sharing viral posts correctly.

Difference Between “MOG Withdrawal Form” And Withdrawal Form?

The “MOG WITHDRAWAL FORM” is for non referral while “WITHDRAWAL FORM” is for referral. When it’s out, it will appear in your dashboard with the above titles in quotes.

How To Fill Out Thechatmogul Withdrawal Form (Referral Withdrawal)

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the menu bar
  • Click on Dashboard
  • Click on “WITHDRAWAL FORM”

What Should I Expect In The Fields Of The Withdrawal Forms?

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Referral Link
  • Your Username
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Current earnings

How To Fill “MOG WITHDRAWAL FORM” ( Non-referral Withdrawal)

  • Login to your account
  • Click on menu
  • Click on Dashboard

What Should I Expect In The Fields For “MOG WITHDRAWAL FORM”

  • Your Username
  • Your MOG Earnings
  • Your M points
  • Your bank details (account number, bank name, account name)
  • Your Facebook link.

What is Chatmogul M point?

Chatmogul M points are points gotten from the social site (

How To Share Chatmogul Viral Post On Facebook

To share Chatmogul Viral Post on Facebook follow this guidelines

  • Login to your account at using your username and password
  • Click on Menu
  • Click on Dashboard
  • Click on viral posts
Chatmogul Viral Post to Facebook
  • Choose any of the posts
  • Download the image
  • Copy the text or article
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on what’s on your mind
word image 536 5 Chatmogul Review - How It Works Fully Explained
  • Make sure your audience is set public
word image 536 6 Chatmogul Review - How It Works Fully Explained
  • Paste the copied article on the what’s on your mind box
  • Add the photo or image you downloaded
  • Then post


Chatmogul is the best online earning platform that I have ever seen, best that I have ever seen since 2019 and still functional till date.

Chatmogul – Vision 2030


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  2. The Agent I registered under is telling me dat 5000 Mog is =3000# does it mean I won’t be paid for what I paid for cos I have 10000 Mog which is not up to 10000# plz I need an answer about dis I need to if he is playing smart on us and if So pls what do I do

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  4. Hey guys pls what is the maximum amount u can withdraw as a non referral on Chatmogul. Cos I have over 20,000 mog and 8,ooo mpoint but they are saying the minimum u can earn is 5000 I don't understand someone should pls clarify me

  5. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.

  6. Am a new member, pls how do I start because I have done most of the things listed here but the poimt it's not showing on my dash board.. Please I need help

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