How to Complete Mission on the OEX Testnet app: Step-by-step guide

As an OEX miner who has mined OEX on the Satoshi app since April 2023, you know that mining has come to an end. To claim your mined token, you need to verify your wallet address and complete missions on the OEX testnet for Airdrop distribution. in this blog post will summarize the step-by-step guide on how to complete mission on the OEX testnet for Airdrop distribution.


The OEX core team said, “The higher the completion rate of the tasks, may increase the initial receipt amount and expedite batch entry time.”

Requirements to complete the mission on the OEX testnet

  • Import your wallet (i.e., if you had a wallet before, there is no need to sign up again; just copy your wallet passphrases or seed phrases, click on import, and log into your wallet). Note that you will be asked to create a 6-digit PIN as a password; do not forget that. 

After you have imported your wallet, you will see the OEX telnet interface.

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How to Complete Mission on the OEX Testnet for Airdrop Distribution

There are a few missions to complete to complete the OEX testnet for Airdrop distribution.

  1. Mission E
  2. Mission X
  3. Mission T
  4. Mission L
  5. Mission Z

Let’s explain each of the missions and how to perform its task successfully. I will advise you to take the mission in descending order starting from
Mission Z which is the Quiz KYC Verification To mission E

1. Mission E: Email Binding and Country Verification 

Mission E is verifying your EVM address within the Satoshi app by binding your Satoshi app email to the OEX app and verifying your country or region.


After correctly linking or binding your email, you will be able to view your total Airdrop balance on the OEX app.

Steps to complete mission E: Email Binding 

Follow the below steps to complete the Mission E task

  • Open your OEX app
  • Click on “Mission” from the homepage
  • Enter the email you used on your Satoshi app
  • Select your country/region correctly
screenshot on how to complete mission E on the OEX app which is binding email address and verifying county/region of residence

OEX mission E

  • Finally, click on submit

Congratulations and bravo, your email has been bound successfully. Let’s head over to the next mission.

2. Mission X: Verifying X Account 

Mission X is simply linking your X account (formerly Twitter).

Steps to complete mission X: X account verification

  • Open the OEX app
  • Click on “Mission. “
  • Click on ‘Mission X.”
  • Enter your twitter/X username and click next.
  • Next, you will be instructed to copy the message on the screen and post it on your Twitter account. Just touch the message, and it will show you that you have copied it. Now go to your Twitter/X account, click on the tweet, paste the message, and post.
screenshot 1 on how to complete mission X on the OEX app

OEX mission X verification


  • Copy your tweet link and paste it on the “Posted X Status Box” on your OEX app; leave for a few seconds, and your Status ID will display
  • Then click on “Check Status.
  • If yours shows green ticks, it’s a sign that your tweet is valid; click “Finish Mission.”
screenshot 2 on how to complete mission X on the OEX app

OEX mission X

Congratulations one more time; you are making progress. Let’s head over to the next mission.

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3. Mission T: Telegram Verification

Mission T, which is the Telegram Mission, you will be given content to send to Agiex_bot on a telegram, copy the content, open your telegram account, search for @agiex_bot, enter the bot, click on Start and paste the content you’ve copied and send it to the bot after you have completed the task on Telegram, the result might not effect immediately, leave the bot and move to Mission X

Steps to complete Mission T: Telegram Verification

Follow the below guide to perform this task successfully.

  • Open the OEX app
  • Click on “Mission” from the app homepage.
  • Click on Mission T
  • You will be instructed to send a command to the Telegram bot. Touch the message, and it will show that you have copied it

screenshot on how to complete mission T on the OEX app

  • now open your Telegram, and as they instruct you, search for @agiex_bot on Telegram or click here to open the official agiex_bot.
  • Paste the copied text and send 
  • Wait for the bot’s message: “Hello, real winner. You have found the address: 0x478…0D6D.

Congratulations, your address has been bound successfully, and the mission T task has been completed.

4. Mission L : Submission of Assets

After you have successfully passed Mission Z you will be given 10 USDT to complete mission L

Steps to Complete Mission


  1. open the OEX app
  2. Go to Hub, under Hub you will see “Swap“,
  3. click on Swap USDT to OEX, USDT to AGI, and make sure you have at least 1 USDT, 1 OEX, and 2.5 AGI in your wallet after making use of the 10 USDT on swapping.
  4. Now go back to Mission L and add all assets (Make sure all these assets i.e. USDT, OEX & AGI are in a green tick)
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screenshot on how to complete mission L on the OEX app

Mission Z: Performing Testnet Quiz

Mission Z is all about answering some simple quiz.

Steps to Complete Mission Z

  • open the OEX app
  • click on mission from the homepage
  • click on Mission z
  • answer all the questions correctly
  • you will be given 10 USDT, which will be used to complete Mission L

For answers to the testnet questions, click here for answers 


By performing or completing above missions on the OEX testnet app you will be eligible to receive your mined token. for  more clarification, help o guide comment below


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