OpenEX Token Airdrop: Best Step to Claim OpenEX token Airdrop on core satoshi App

On April 13th, 2023, the decentralised @openex_network  beginned its OpenEX token airdrop accumulation phase. The OpenEX protocol for CORE will utilise the Satoshi App, as was done for CORE’s accumulation. Users who wish to participate should register quickly via the link below , perform Identity Verification, and start accumulating the token. The airdrop accumulation phase will last one year, ending on April 13th, 2024.


Users are advised to position themselves properly ahead of potential projects that may launch their Airdrop on the core Satoshi app before launching MainNet. One recommended strategy is to keep participating on Hashcard exchange, getting referrals, and giving new users GiftCard to boost your Contributed and MyHash. This will help you accumulate more of the asset (tokens or coins) whenever other Airdrops come up on the Satoshi app.

OpenEX is designed to be completely decentralised and permissionless, allowing anyone to access it and create their own exchange on top of the protocol. The platform utilises blockchain wallet addresses as the unique identifier for user identities, and all user actions require EIP712-standard message signing and confirmation by the L1 or L2 network to ensure tamper-proof security. All user actions are verified, recorded, and distributed to the appropriate submodule within OpenEX for further processing based on specific business logic.

How to Claim OpenEX token Airdrop on core satoshi App

To claim OpenEX token Airdrop on core satoshi App you need to follow the below steps

  • Open and login to your core satoshi App if you have an account already, if you don’t have an account, you need to create an account by clicking here to Create An Account
  • On your core satoshi App dashboard click on “Airdrop
  • click on “Add project

word image 3353 2 OpenEX Token Airdrop: Best Step to Claim OpenEX token Airdrop on core satoshi App

  • Click on OpenEX (OEX)
  • Then click on “Claim Airdrop
  • Starting Claiming Airdrop daily

Note: 25 rounds of unclaimed airdrops, airdrops will be suspended automatically


CORE users are encouraged to stay informed by joining the Telegram Group and Twitter Community for subsequent updates about the Airdrop Distribution, Delegating (Staking), and more. Exciting times lie ahead!




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