Ice Network mining : What is Ice Network And How It Works – Full Explanation


The ice network introduces a novel digital currency that can be mined or earned through any mobile device. This currency is supported by a community of trust, fostered by an increasing number of users committed to demonstrating the durability and versatility of digital currencies in various use cases.

To join the ice network, users must receive an invitation from an existing member. Once they join, they can immediately begin building their own micro-communities and earning rewards.

How To Register On Ice Network

To get started

  • Download the ice Mining app for Android, iOS or Apk
  • Follow the instructions

How To Earn Ice

To earn ice, you must tap the ice button once every 24 hours to initiate your daily mining session. Collaborating with your friends can enhance your mining (earning) rate and that of your team.

You and your friends receive a 25% bonus on your mining (earning) rate for each individual who checks in simultaneously with you.


Initially, the base mining (earning) rate is 16 ice/h and undergoes a halving event when it reaches the first milestone.

The major difference between Ice Network, Pi Network, and Bee Network

The primary differentiating factor among the three projects is their governance model.

In contrast to the others, ice has established a governance model that empowers all users to steer the network’s evolution. Validators will possess distributed voting power, thereby precluding its concentration in the hands of a few validators. To learn more, click here.

Ice introduces several novel (new) elements, such as Tap in Advance, Slashing, Day Off, Resurrection, Extra Bonuses based on activity, and numerous other features.

ice prioritizes the construction of micro-communities and rewards users for mining simultaneously with those they invite into the network and with their friends’ friends, i.e., Tier 2 users. To learn more, click here

Who Can Mine Ice?

Ice is accessible to anyone with an Android or iOS device worldwide. However, to claim ice coins, users must complete a verification process (KYC – Know Your Customer) that requires a valid national ID.


If a user does not possess a valid national ID, they can still they obtain their ID.

Ice price – Ice market value

The market value of ice will be realized upon completion of Phase 1 and listing of the coin on exchanges during Phase 2.

Is it possible to engage in mining on multiple devices?

Only one device per person can be registered at any given time. If we discover multiple registered devices associated with the same national ID during the verification process (KYC – Know Your Customer), we will only consider the first registered device and lock the other accounts


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