Marina Protocol Mining: Earn SURF & BAY Tokens Easily in 2024



Marina Protocol introduces a captivating opportunity for crypto miners to delve into the world of decentralized finance. By mining SURF token and BAY token, miners can explore the alluring prospects of the Marina ecosystem.

With SURF Tokens, miners can acquire them through the conversion of SURF Points, offering a unique way to engage with the protocol’s functionalities. The process involves clicking the SURF icon once every 24 hours upon the completion of the SURF cycle.

On the other hand, BAY Token, Marina Protocol’s governance token, presents an intriguing avenue for miners. Users can earn BAY Points through Staking of SurfBoard, contributing to the production and circulation of BAY Tokens within the ecosystem.

As crypto miners navigate the intricacies of Marina Protocol’s tokenomics and mining mechanisms, they unlock a realm of possibilities that merge blockchain technology with decentralized applications. Explore the rewards awaiting those who embark on the journey of mining SURF and BAY tokens within the Marina Protocol ecosystem.

How to get started

To get started with Marina Protocol, you need to:


Click or copy below link to your browser –  and follow the instructions

Or follow below steps

1. Download app

To download the Marina Protocol app, follow these steps:

i. App Store

– For Android users, navigate to the Google Play Store.

– For iOS users, access the App Store.

– Search for ‘Marina Protocol’ in the respective app store.


– Download the app from the search results.

ii. Official Website

– Visit the Marina Protocol website directly.

– Navigate to the app download section.

– Follow the provided instructions to download the app directly from the website.

2. Signup & Sign in

Once you have downloaded the Marina Protocol app, you need to sign up for an account to start mining SURF Token and BAY Token. Here’s how to sign up and sign in to your Marina Protocol account:

i. Sign Up

① Select the Google account you wish to create. To utilize the Marina Protocol platform, you must consent to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Failure to agree may restrict your access to the services offered.

② Choose your Nickname, which will also serve as your unique invitation code. Make sure to select a distinctive and appealing nickname. Nicknames can be up to 15 characters long and can include English letters and numbers.

③ Enter the invitation code to receive initial rewards. Without entering an invitation code, mining starts with an initial mining efficiency of 1 pSURF/1h. However, entering an invitation code increases the mining efficiency to 1.25 pSURF/1h. To receive initial rewards, enter the invitation code “REALWINNER.”. Once you’ve entered the invitation code, the entire account creation process is complete.

ii. Sign In

After signing up, you can sign in to your Marina Protocol account by clicking on the “Sign In” button. Enter your email address and password and click on the “Sign In” button to access your account.

How to mine SURF Token

To obtain SURF Tokens, convert SURF Points, which are earned by clicking the SURF icon once every 24 hours upon completing a surf session.

How to mine SURF Token every 24hrs

To speed up the accumulation of SURF Points, you can watch ads for an additional 100% boost when clicking the SURF icon or inviting friends. Having more friends significantly enhances the acquisition of SURF Points. You can find ways to increase efficiency by inviting friends in the ‘Refer New Surfers’ tab below.

What to do to claim X2 SURF points after clicking on SURF

How to Increase SURF Points

SURF Points are an important aspect of the Marina Protocol ecosystem. By increasing your SURF Points, you can unlock additional benefits and rewards. Here are some ways to increase your SURF Points:

Invite friends

Invite more friends using your referral code to earn additional SURF Points. When you directly invite a friend, you’ll receive a bonus boost of 0.2 pSURF/1h from each friend. Moreover, when your friend invites someone, you’ll receive an extra boost of 0.05 pSURF/1h from each of their referrals. Your referred friends will also receive a continuous boost of 0.25 pSURF/1h from their initial sign-up. Use the earned SURF Points to purchase surfboard NFTs, which grant BAY Points. Keep mining diligently!

Answer quiz

Marina Protocol periodically organizes quizzes within the app. Participate in these quizzes and answer correctly to earn SURF 100 Points. After you have answered the quiz correctly you been rewarded with 100 SURF points.  you can also claim X2 SURF points by watching a 30 seconds ads.

How to Get BAY Token

Apart from mining SURF Token, Marina Protocol also offers users the opportunity to obtain BAY Token. Here’s how you can get BAY Token:

1. Earn BAY Points: BAY Points are earned by staking Surfboard NFTs. Different grades of Surfboard NFTs generate BAY Points at varying efficiencies.

2. Stake Surfboard NFTs: Stake your Surfboard NFTs to accumulate BAY Points. The higher the grade of the Surfboard NFT, the more efficiently it produces BAY Points.

3. Conversion: BAY Points accumulated during the week are converted based on your proportion of points to the total stake at the tokenization checkpoint.

4. Increase BAY Token Holdings: To increase your BAY Token holdings, consider inviting friends to join, diligently earning SURF Points, and minting high-grade Surfboard NFTs for staking.

By following these steps, you can accumulate BAY Tokens through the Marina Protocol’s staking mechanism and further enhance your holdings by actively participating in the ecosystem.

Tokenomics – overall ecosystem structure of marina protocol

The Marina Protocol’s structure revolves around users generating SURF points, which can be directly converted into SURF tokens or used to mint surfing board NFTs within the app. This dual functionality ensures flexibility and accessibility for users while maintaining asset security. Surfboards NFTs, minted with SURF points, can be either traded on NFT exchanges or staked within the app to generate BAY points. These BAY points are then converted into BAY tokens based on the user’s proportional contribution, granting them decision-making power in project onboarding, along with rewards and operational influence. Additionally, BAY tokens, as a vital asset within the Marina Protocol, are slated for listing on major exchanges to enhance liquidity and market accessibility..

SURF Token (Utility Token)

word image 5097 2 Marina Protocol Mining: Earn SURF & BAY Tokens Easily in 2024

The SURF Token serves as the utility token for the Marina Protocol. It is issued without limit, yet controlled to prevent excessive inflation by implementing a weekly total issue limit (Supply Cap). Users acquire SURF Points through surfing activities every 24 hours, which can then be converted to SURF Tokens during tokenization.

SURF Tokens are generated when points are converted to tokens and can be burned when tokens are converted back to points.

- Symbol: SURF

- Contract Address: TBA

-Total Issue: Unlimited

- Chain: BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Use Cases

1. Users can purchase SurfBoards to earn BAY Points, which can then be converted to BAY Tokens.

2. Users can participate in giveaways and events hosted by other Web 3.0 projects using SURF Tokens.

BAY token (Governance Token)

word image 5097 3 Marina Protocol Mining: Earn SURF & BAY Tokens Easily in 2024

The BAY Token functions as the governance token within the Marina Protocol. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, users earn BAY Points by staking SurfBoards, with the efficiency of BAY Point production dependent on the SurfBoard grade. These BAY Points can then be converted to BAY Tokens during tokenization based on the user’s ratio.

BAY Token holds paramount importance as Marina Protocol’s primary asset, with the focus on enhancing its value. Holders of BAY Tokens wield decision-making power concerning the direction of the Marina Protocol and the overall health of its ecosystem. Details regarding governance features will be announced at a later date.

- Symbol: BAY

- Contract Address: TBA

- Total supply: 1 billion

- Chain: BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Marina Protocol Daily Quiz Answers

To receive daily answers to the Marina Quiz, join our WhatsApp channel where we provide the answers daily: click to join – Marina Quiz Answers WhatsApp Channel.


Marina Protocol is a groundbreaking platform that allows users to mine SURF Token and obtain BAY Token. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can get started with Marina Protocol, download the app, sign up and sign in to your account, mine SURF Token, increase surf points, invite friends, answer quizzes, and acquire BAY Token. Explore the tokenomics of Marina Protocol and become an active participant in the ecosystem.


1. What is Marina Protocol?

The Marina Protocol is a Global Web 3.0 tutorial platform that offers users direct access to features such as mining, staking, launchpad, and transfers. Users can also onboard various Web 3.0 projects and receive rewards for their participation. Join with more friends to maximize your experiences.

2. What is the SURF Token?

The SURF token is an asset obtained by converting SURF points. SURF points can be earned by clicking the SURF button once a day, with production volume increasing with the number of friends. These SURF points can be used to purchase surfboard items or transferred to others, converting at a 1:1 ratio to SURF tokens.

3. What is the BAY Token?

The BAY token is an asset obtained by converting BAY points, which are earned from surfboard items purchased with SURF points. Different grades of surfboard items have varying BAY point production rates. BAY points can be converted to BAY tokens at designated conversion points, with the conversion rate based on the individual’s BAY point ratio relative to the total planned BAY points. BAY tokens are transferable and tradable assets.


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