Rubi KYC 1.5 Verification: Complete Step-by-step Guide


In this article, we’ll guide you through on how to complete Rubi KYC 1.5 verification  step by step. Let’s explore the concept and walk you through the process together. 

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This Rubi KYC 1.5 version was developed based on community feedback from a survey conducted on March 22 – 25. It serves as a transitional step between KYC 1.1 Global and KYC 2.0 Worldwide.

KYC 1.5 involves document verification by validators and aims to process approximately 20,000 – 30,000 attestations and partner certificates monthly.

Unlike previous free versions (KYC1.0, KYC 1.1), KYC Version 1.5 is a paid service using RUBI-Block (RBL) with three priority levels. Here are the details:


  • Priority level 1: KYC processed within 4 hours, with a maximum of 5 error reports allowed. Refund provided if processing exceeds 4 hours.
  • Priority level 2: KYC processed within 24 hours, with a maximum of 3 error reports allowed. Refund provided if processing exceeds 24 hours.

Fees for these levels are as follows:

  • Global: Priority level 1 (6 RBL), Priority level 2 (4 RBL), Priority level 3 (2 RBL)
  • Vietnam: 1st class priority (12 RBL), 2nd class priority (8 RBL), 3rd class priority (4 RBL)

These options allow you to choose the level of service that best fits your needs.


Rubi KYC 1.5 verification Requirement

Here’s what you need to prepare for KYC 1.5:

  •  Update your Account Information before Kyc: Before diving into the KYC process, it’s crucial to ensure that all your personal information is up to date. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard and realize your gender mysteriously changed or your birthdate magically moved forward a few years, right?Steps To Update Account Information

    Once you’re in the app, head over to the main menu and select “Personal page.” Then, dive into the “My information” section and fill in the required fields, including your date of birth, gender, country, and full name.

    Note: Remember, accuracy is key here, double check your information well because you only have one chance to update your information.

  • Gather legal identification documents based on your country’s requirements (ID Card or Passport). Ensure that the information matches the Account Ownership Information you provided earlier.
  •  Set up a fee payment method. KYC 1.5 offers two payment options: pay yourself or have a friend pay on your behalf.
  • Ensure that payment fees for your chosen priority level are ready. If a friend is paying, their wallet balance should cover the fee they will pay for you.


how to complete the KYC 1.5  step by step

Here’s a detailed guide on how to perform KYC step by step:


Step 1: Check your KYC conditions

  • Open your Rubi Mining App
  • Go to your personal page
  • Select user authentication > KYC > Checklist

Ensure you’ve completed the following conditions:

screenshot image on Checking your KYC conditions

image source: Rubi site


✓ Complete ownership information at least 30 days ago

✓ Complete at least 20 mining sessions or accumulate over 25 Rubies

  • ✓ Receive system invitations based on performance

Step 2: Confirm data policy

  • Read and agree to the KYC disclosure agreement

Step 3: Payment of KYC fees

  • Choose your priority level and make a reservation
  • Complete payment within the specified time frame
  • Click on the payment notification button
Screenshot image on selecting kyc priority level

image source: Rubi site


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Step 4: Provide information, identification documents, and photos

  • Fill out the required information accurately
  • Pay attention to fields marked with “★” and complete them
screenshot image on Rubi kyc 1.5 verification for identity verification

Image source: Rubi Guide


Step 5: Wait for results

  • Your KYC results will be updated by the validator
  • Monitor status notifications continuously based on your priority level
screenshot image on Rubi kyc 1.5 verification guide

image source: Rubi guide


If an error occurs, you have multiple attempts to correct it. However, fees for unsuccessful attempts are non-refundable. Stay informed and follow these steps carefully for a successful KYC process.


How to ask a friend or someone else to pay KYC fee for you

In KYC version 1.5, you can share a payment request with a trusted individual to assist with payment. However, ensure you share it with only one person at a time. If multiple individuals contribute, only the first transaction will be valid, and subsequent transactions will not be refunded. Additionally, the QR code shared is valid only for payment from the sharer’s account. 

Tips for a Successful Rubi KYC

To increase your chances of a smooth and speedy verification process, here are a few handy tips:

  1. Submitting Clear and High-Quality Images

When capturing images of your ID card or passport, make sure they are high-quality and not obscured. No blurry passport photos from your wild college days, please! Remember, clarity is key!

  1. Ensuring Accuracy of Information

One chance, folks! Make sure you double-check all the information you provide before hitting that save button. Accuracy matters, so let’s make sure there are no typos or silly mistakes. We’re not here to play “Guess Who.”

  1. Monitoring KYC Progress

After submitting your KYC request, keep a close eye on the verification status. Rubi will notify you through the app about the progress and completion of your verification. Patience is a virtue, my friend!

With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’re well-equipped to tackle the KYC process like a pro. Good luck, and may the verification gods be on your side! ???


In conclusion, completing your Rubi KYC 1.5 Verification is a straightforward process. Just follow the steps, provide accurate information, and submit clear images. Once your KYC is approved, you’ll be on your way to unlocking the full potential of Rubi Network. So, why wait? Get KYC’ed and dive into the exciting world of Rubi!

If you have found this step-by-step guide helpful, we appreciate your feedback in the comments section. If you still have questions or need further assistance with the processes, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will be happy to provide additional guidance.



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