How to Complete your Sidra P2P Verification: 2 Easy Methods

Wondering how to successfully complete your Sidra P2P verification? Let’s dive into the essential steps for a seamless process. Completing the P2P verification on Sidra is essential for conducting transactions with confidence. In this guide, we’ll explore two different methods to successfully complete the verification process.


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2 Different Methods to complete the sidra p2p verification

Method 1: Peer-to-Peer Verification

Step 1: Share Your Profile Link

Person A initiates the verification process by sharing their profile link with Person B.

How to Complete your Sidra P2P Verification: 2 Easy Methods

Step 2: Access P2P Verification

Person B clicks on the shared link and navigates to the P2P section as indicated in the screenshot.

How to Complete your Sidra P2P Verification: 2 Easy Methods


Step 3: Request Verification

Person B sends a verification request to Person A by clicking on “Request Verify.”

How to Complete your Sidra P2P Verification: 2 Easy Methods

Step 4: Accept Verification Request

Person A logs into their Sidra dashboard and accepts the verification request by clicking on the designated icon.

How to Complete your Sidra P2P Verification: 2 Easy Methods

Step 5: Perform Video Recording

Once the request is accepted, Person A is prompted to record a short video through Person B’s phone. During the recording, Person A must hold the same ID card used for account verification.

Step 6: Submit Verification

After completing the video recording, Person A submits the verification, which typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete.


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Note: Both individuals must be present together to complete this verification method.

Method 2: Wallet-based Verification

1. Log in to Sidra Account: Begin by logging into your Sidra account.

2. Access Wallet: Navigate to the Wallet section.

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3. Initiate Verification: Click on “Send” to initiate the verification process.

4. Search for User: Type the username of the person you wish to verify and click on “Search.” Select the person from the search results.

5. Access Profile: Click on the person’s profile picture to access their profile.

6. Navigate to P2P: Within the profile, click on the P2P option.

7. Send Verification Request: Click on “Request Verify” to send a verification request to the individual.

8. Accept Verification: Instruct the person to accept the request by clicking on the checkmark () on their profile. This action redirects them to the verification page.

9. Record Video: After the person accepts the request, their KYC document will appear on your phone. Click on “Take Video” and record the person holding the document used during KYC.

10. Submit Verification: Once the video is recorded, scroll down and click on “Submit” to complete the verification process.

Note: This method also requires both individuals to be in the same location.

Completing the Sidra P2P verification using either of these methods ensures a secure and trustworthy transaction environment. Follow these steps diligently to successfully complete the verification process and unlock the full potential of Sidra’s peer-to-peer platform.

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