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Best Guide to Ulta Credit Card Login: All You Need to Know


When talking about beauty, skincare fanatics, beauty enthusiasts and other fashionistas will always hold Ulta Beauty in high regard because of their exceptional service delivery and expertise.


Looking beyond their wide variety of beauty options is their Ultimate rewards program, formerly known as Ultra beauty rewards which gives customers the rare chance to earn points and redeem them when they login to the Ulta Credit Card login and involved in mind-boggling beauty hunts. 


Their introduction of an ultimate credit card makes the whole beauty find an enthusiastic one with exciting opportunities for redemption of points.



The advent of the credit card is a key to a whole new world and experience of double rewards and with mouth-watering exclusive discounts. 

The Ulta beauty reward credit card program 


The Ulta beauty reward stand stall with its reward program boasts of a double point for every dollar spent on beauty at their stores. When compared with the standard ultimate reward program, this beats that with double rewards earning potential for every customer.


The standard reward offers one point per dollar spent as opposed to the Ulta beauty rewards which is 2 points per dollar. As if that is not enough, cardholders walk home with a whooping 20% discount on their first card purchase. 



Ain’t that mouth-watering? This makes it an excellent option for frequent purchasers because the card carries no extra charges, like annual fees.

How to Access your Ulta Credit card login  


Like most cards, the Ulta Credit Card login comes with a set of seamless rules that makes transactions easygoing for all users, especially first-time users wanting to redeem their 20% discount. Here is how to navigate the login process:

  • The Login page

The online account is managed by Comenity Bank, which also is the issuer of the Ulta Beauty Rewards Credit Card. When you visit their site, navigate to the credit card section to have a full view of their options.

  • Card Identification 

Different cards have different capacities and eligibility for reward points. To partake in and benefit from the Ulta Beauty Reward Credit Card program, select the point for’sign in’ on the login page. Search for Ulta Beauty Rewards and select the same to proceed.

Ulta Credit Card

Ulta Credit Card

  • Account Information 

To complete a successful Ulta Credit Card login, you will need to input account information. A username, and a suitable password. 


The username is typically the credit card account number given to you during card approval. Your password will be created by you, as a secure numeric or alphanumeric combination known to you alone. 

  • Secure Access 

After safely inputting your username and password, proceed to click on the ‘sign in’ option. This gives immediate access to the website. Other times sites may implement the ‘two-factor authentication’ for security purposes for account holders. This typically involves sending a verification code to either a phone number or an email, whichever was chosen during initial registration.


The procedure ls above might sound strange to new and first-time users. Below is a descriptive approach for new users.


On the login page, locate ‘New Here?’ and click on it for redirection to another page for you to register your information to create an account.


Click on ‘Register for Online Access’, and follow the onscreen instructions to fill in all your details. You’ll need your credit card number, Social Security number, and date of birth for verification.


For users who have forgotten their login details, the forgot username or password option is very crucial for the recovery of forgotten details. By clicking on the link, you will be guided through a series of options to recover your lost passwords.

Exploring the Credit Card Options 


Once logged in, you have access to a wide range of options to choose from and this makes the Ulta credit card dashboard your financial haven. With a wide variety of features, you can explore the following;

  • Online Payments 

Users can conveniently make payments, and top up credit card balances directly from their accounts.

  • Account Activity 

The dashboard allows users to track their recent activities and transactions. This helps users to stay ahead of their spending all the time.

  • Keep an Eye on the credits 

The dashboard has another option for users to monitor their credit points all around. This also helps users to maintain a responsible spending habit.

  • Updates of Information 

Dashboard account setting provides the option for updating account information, billing address and other related issues. 

  • Keep track of reward points

Ultimate reward points are where the magic is stored. You can view your current points, track used points and see new points earned from recent purchases. You can also explore ways of redeeming reward points. 


How to earn more reward points.


Now that you have access to the dashboard, it is best to maximize the reward options. Here are a few options for maximal use of the Ulta Beauty Reward Credit Card;

  • Don’t slack on the double rewards.

Make proper use of the Ulta Beauty Rewards credit card because of its option for a double reward on all purchases. Let this be your go-to card for all purchases.


  • Swoop down and combine, for more rewards 

For specific purchases, there are points awarded. Swooping in and partnering with this set of purchases increases your points and rewards. Be strategic in your purchases.


  • Maximize Bonuses during shopping 

There are occasional beauty rewards and bonuses on specific days for specific beauty products, maximize these for more points and rewards. Schedule your shopping during these days and win more points waiting for redemption.

  • Take advantage of Birthday Rewards

Ultimate rewards members with point multipliers on their birthdays. Leverage this and combine it with your Ulta credit card for a fantastic shopping spree. 


The Ulta Beauty Reward Credit Card is a whole package of fun and fantasy when used in the right way and combined with various reward options. It is also important to understand responsible card use by monitoring your points and rewards on the dashboard. Unlock more rewards by setting your curiosity loose in a bid to explore more beauty options. 

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