Quick Guide to Withdraw Eagle Inu Tokens in 2024


Today, we’re diving into a hot topic for all Eagle Inu miners worldwide: How to successfully èwithdraw Eagle Inu token from the Eagle Network mining app. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or just starting out, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Step by step guide to Withdraw Eagle Inu Token from the Eagle Network Mining App

  • Step 1: Accessing Your Mined Tokens

First things first, let’s talk about how to check your mined tokens. Head over to your Eagle Mining Network app. Here, you can see all the Eagle Inu tokens you’ve mined so far. It’s a thrilling moment when you realise all your hard work has paid off in the form of tangible digital currency!

  • Step 2: Installing the Recommended Wallet

To withdraw your tokens, you’ll need a compatible wallet. The Eagle Network team recommends the CryptoKara Wallet for this purpose. Why? Because it’s tailored to seamlessly handle your Eagle Inu tokens.

Here’s how to get it:

1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for “CryptoKara Wallet.” Or download here


2. Hit “Install” and wait for the wallet to download. It’s just 29MB, so it won’t take long.

3. Once installed, open the app. You’ll find that it’s a decentralised wallet, which is great for security and privacy.

  • Step 3: Setting Up Your CryptoKara Wallet
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Creating a wallet on CryptoKara is straightforward. Choose “Create New Wallet” and follow the prompts. The app will provide you with a 12-word secret phrase – this is crucial for recovering your wallet if needed, so keep it safe! Remember, never share this phrase with anyone, as it’s the key to your funds. Or, you can Import your existing wallet if you already had one

  • Step 4: Redeeming Your Mined Eagle Inu Tokens

1. Go Back to the Eagle Mining Network app, it’s time to redeem those hard-earned tokens. Click on the “Redeem” button. Here, you’ll see how many tokens are available for withdrawal. Now, this is where your newly installed CryptoKara Wallet comes into play.

word image 5135 1 Quick Guide to Withdraw Eagle Inu Tokens in 2024

2. Navigate to your CryptoKara Wallet and select the Eagle Inu token. Click on “Receive” to reveal your Eagle Inu token address – this is where your mined tokens will be sent. Copy this address.


word image 5135 2 Quick Guide to Withdraw Eagle Inu Tokens in 2024

3. Return to the Eagle Mining Network app and paste your wallet address into the required field. Click on “Redeem” to initiate the transfer.

word image 5135 3 Quick Guide to Withdraw Eagle Inu Tokens in 2024

A quick Reminder: initially, you are only redeeming 5%. of your mined eagle inu token.

Understanding the Withdrawal Process

1. Withdrawal Categories

The withdrawal process are categorised into two, which are:

1. Bulk Miners, those who powered up their mining by purchasing additional Eagle Inu tokens. Bulk miners withdrawal currently live

2. Team Miners: If you didn’t power up your mining by purchasing additional Eagle Inu tokens, you’re considered a team miner. Team Miners withdrawal starts April 7th 2024

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2. Withdrawal Threshold

Minimum redeem balance is 1,000 Eagle inu. Mined token not upto minimum withdrawal? Continue to mine to get a minimum of 1000 eagle inu token. Note that mining balance is different from redeem balance.

Mining Balance – Total Mined

Redeem Balance – Available to redeem

3. Withdrawal Percentage

The initial redemption rate for the month of March begins at 5%, gradually escalating in subsequent months until reaching 100% by October 2024.

4. Redeeming Schedule

Miners can redeem or withdraw only once every 30 days. After the next 30 days you can redeem again.

5. Withdrawal Wallet App

Miners must use Cryptokara wallet app for withdrawals of eagle inu tokens (ENU).

Using any other wallet means you will not see your redeemed token.

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By following our step-by-step guide, you can safely withdraw your Eagle Inu tokens from the Eagle Network mining app without any risk of token loss or issues.


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