Otara Mining: How to Register and Mine Otara Token: A Comprehensive Guide to Otara Mining On Imota Wallet App


Otara mining just got more exciting with the new Imota wallet feature. Now, users can mine Otara for free by simply logging into the app. With daily streaks, leveling up mining speed, and referring friends, even more Otara can be earned. Keep reading to learn how to register and mine Otara.

What is Imota Wallet

Imota Wallet is a revolutionary non-custodial multi-chain wallet that empowers users to embrace the future of blockchain technology. With its state-of-the-art features, Imota aims to drive widespread adoption of blockchain by providing seamless and secure transactions for multi-chain tokens and NFTs. Experience top-level security and an intuitive design as you send, receive, store, and effortlessly swap digital assets within the Imota ecosystem.

What is Otara Token

Otara is the native token of the Imota wallet developed by CREATIVE PASSION PTE LTD.

Otara is like other Cryptocurrency out their like bitcoin, Ethereum, Renec, and many others which can be used to pay for goods and services.

Otara Mining Explained

So, what exactly is Otara token mining and how does it work? Otara mining is the process of earning Otara tokens by completing certain tasks within the Imota wallet app. These tasks include collecting Otara tokens, mining during specific time intervals, completing daily streaks, leveling up your mining speed, and referring friends to Otara mining.


Each task completed rewards users with a certain amount of Otara tokens, which can then be used within the Imota ecosystem to invest in other projects and earn more rewards.

But why are these tokens being given away for free? The goal is to incentivize users to stay engaged and active within the Imota app, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the platform.

Now that we have a basic understanding of Otara mining, let’s dive deeper into how to get started and maximize you rewards.

Getting Started with Otara Mining

Getting started with Otara mining is easy and straightforward. The first step is to create an account on Imota and complete KYC level 2 to ensure the safety and security of the platform. Don’t worry, it’s a simple process and required to avoid hackers and cheaters. Once your account is verified, you can start mining Otara tokens for free. Let’s dive into more details and see how to collect rewards and maximise your Otara mining experience.

How to Register And Mine Otara Token

To begin mining Otara Token, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Imota Wallet app

You can download the Imota Wallet app from Google Play Store. Scroll down below for download links.


Step 2: Login

There’s no need to register. Simply login using your preferred valid Google account.

Step 3: Activate Account

To receive a $5 BUSD bonus, input the code CBF01Ubx and follow the steps below:

  • Open your app.
  • Click on the menu on your
  • homepage.
  • Once opened, click on “Apply.”
  • Enter the code – VGuX5Fnv.
  • Submit.

one’s successfully You will receive $5 worth of BUSD for free.

Step 4: Start Mining Otara Token

To mine or accumulate Otara Token for free, follow the steps below:

Open the Imota Wallet app.


On your dashboard or homepage, click on “OTARA” and start mining as shown in the picture.

Image showing how to mine Otara Token

 Otara Mining

Imota Wallet Referral Code

Image showing Otara Mining referral code
You can increase your Imota mining through referrals. Use the code VGuX5Fnv as your Imota referral code.

Download Imota Wallet App

Download the Imota Wallet app from the following sources:

Maximising Otara Mining Rewards

If you want to get the most out of Otara mining, here are some tips to boost your rewards! First and foremost, don’t miss out on a single day of mining to avoid losing your daily streak bonus. The longer your streak, the more Otara you’ll collect. Plus, by levelling up your mining speed, you’ll earn even more rewards!

You can achieve this by referring your friends and building a solid downline of active miners. The more friends you refer to, the faster your mining speed will increase. Keep in mind that your downline members need to keep a daily streak for at least one day and complete KYC level 2 to help maintain your mining speed.

Apart from these strategies, you can stay up-to-date with Imota’s social media channels to discover more rewards and bonuses. Imota frequently runs promotions and events that can boost your Otara balance. Overall, by staying consistent with your mining schedule, levelling up your speed, and referring friends, you can maximise your Otara rewards and earn big!

Otara Mining Tips

To maximise your Otara mining rewards, keep a consistent mining schedule by logging in daily and developing daily streaks. Also, stay active on Imota social media channels to stay informed about updates and new features.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions from the community:

Q: Who are the founders of Imota Wallet?

A: Imota is developed by Creative Passion, a company from Singapore.

Q: What is the total supply of Otara token?

A: The total supply of Otara is yet to be announced by the core team.

Q: How can I unlock the locked BUSD that appears on the Imota app?

A: Currently, the only way to unlock the free BUSD obtained from referrals is to reach KYC level 2 and complete 50 transactions (swap, send, trade with browser or wallet connect).



In summary, mining Otara token on Imota wallet app is a great way to earn rewards for free. By completing KYC level 2, logging into the Imota wallet app, and collecting Otara tokens, users can start mining. Daily streaks and referring friends can also increase mining rewards. Don’t forget to stay active on Imota’s social media channels for more tips and updates. Happy Mining!

To stay updated on Imota Wallet and Otara Token, follow them on Telegram @imotacommunity or click here to join their Telegram Channel.



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