Full Explanation About Satoshi BTCs Mining – 2 Factors That Increases BTcs Mining Rate


Many of us missed bitcoin in 2009 when it was first launched, now another opportunity has come Which Satoshi BTCs Mining known as  the second BTC

On this topic we will explain everything you need to know concerning BTCs coin

What is Satoshi BTCs Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of verifying blockchain transactions and creating new coins.

So, Satoshi BTCs Mining is the process by which BTCs is generated, created and then enters into circulation.


About Satoshi BTCs

  • BTCs has a total supply of 2.1 billion (2,100,000,000) are issued which can be obtained through two (2) mining method which are:- (i.) Through Satoshi App mining in early stage which is now. (ii.)Through On-chained decentralised node mining in later stage.

  • At this time of writing or making this post over 370 million (370,000,000) has been circulated with over 36 million App downloaders and miners globally

App mining is an innovative airdrop method. Airdrops are carried out through the app built-in block mining method, which effectively solves the problem of free cost, fairness, and incentives and also allow users to obtain BTCs for free through their efforts.

Who Created Satoshi BTCs

Many people believed that BTCs is developed by Satoshi nakamoto the owner of bitcoin which is not true.

As said in the whitepaper the team said and a quote

“We are not Satoshi Nakamoto, nor do we know Satoshi Nakamoto. We are just a group of people who follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea. Willing to be ordinary for the sake of greatness”

Satoshi BTCs Team


whether we witness all this happen in the era.

The Birth of BTCs

Satoshi BTCs Mining

Because of the rapid development of Bitcoin, the
value of Bitcoin has risen millions of times in ten
years, and only a few people have caught up with
the fastest wealth train of this era.

However, this is
not in line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s fair wealth

creation and protection of wealth spirit.

Satoshi coin (BTCS) is dedicated to recreating the “second Bitcoin (BTC)”, allowing more people to take the second wealth train.

No pre-mining! Fair and free! Let more people own it for free, this is the mission of BTCs.

Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC, and his English name Satoshi Nakamoto is the origin of the name of BTC.

BTCs take BTC + Satoshi Nakamoto (initial letter), which implies Bitcoin signed by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a sibling coin of Bitcoin.

Once again, Btcs is here to fight for fairness to create wealth and protect wealth.

BTCs is a public beneficial, free, and experimental project. Regardless of the process and the result, it is a natural outcome for the survival of the fittest in evolution.

Vision of BTCs

The only vision of BTCs is to be a significant currency second to Bitcoin, create wealth for fairness, and protect wealth.

evolution. Any new things will be full of various unknowns, which may lead to success or failure. Participants should keep a good state of mind on

How To Mine Satoshi BTCs Coin

Btcs coin mining app
Satoshi BTCs Mining App for Android

To mine Btcs all you have to do is to

Satoshi BTCs Mining Registration/App Download

  • Download the mobile App after registration. Login and do real name authentication by entering your name including your ID number (National ID, Voter ID, driving licence or passport number) depending on your countries ID type.

  • Perform the FACE VERIFICATION by following the screen instructions. Real name authentication is compulsory and without it, you can’t start mining .

Note: The face verification person must be the same as the passport information. It will be require an online video verification with a real person holding a his or her passport at the late stage.

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2 Factors That Increases BTcs Mining Rate

There are are three main factors that will definitely increase your mining rate which are

  • Referral: Recruit your family and friends to start mining, with this your are increasing your mining rate
  • Participating in exchange if hashcard : you can increase your Ming hash by exchanging each others miners hashCard – Join the telegram group where hash cards are exchanges
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Conclusion – Satoshi BTCs Mining

If You Do Not (Do)BTCS MINING Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later.


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