Full Details On How Remitano Mining Works: 4 Steps To Mine RENEC


Getting to know how Remitano Mining Works, this article is for you as we are going to explain what RENEC is, how to get RENEC for free, how to get more RENEC and many.

How Remitano Mining Works

What is RENEC?

RENEC is the abbreviated word for Remitano Network Coin, which is the native token of the Remitano Network, the official cryptocurrency of the Remitano crypto exchange.

How to get RENEC?

RENEC (remitano) can only be gotten as of time of writing through mining which is absolutely free.

How To Mine RENEC

Below are the steps to follow to successfully mine RENEC (remitano) for free

Step 1: Register For A Remitano Account

The first step ever before mining remitano network coin (RENEC) is to Register For An Account here using either your Google account, Facebook account, Apple account or any valid email address and password.


Remitano Referral Code

You can use 3661819 as remitano (RENEC) referral code to get started in the Remitano mining app

Step 2: Verify Your Phone Number

You can not mine RENEC without verifying your phone number. To verify your phone number follow this steps below

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on “Menu”
  3. Click on ” Verify Account” after “Settings”
  4. Enter your “Phone Number” and follow the instructions

Step 3: Download The Remitano App

After verifying your phone number, the next thing to do is to download the official remitano mobile app in Google Play Store (for Android users) and App Store (for IOS users)

Step 4: Mine RENEC

Now to mine RENEC

  1. Login to the mobile you have downloaded. Visit the RENEC mining page. See below steps
  2. Click on “Menu”
  3. Click on “Earn RENEC”
  4. Click on ” Start Mining”

Note, you can mine RENEC every 24 hours at the rate of 0.02 RENEC/ HR i.e 0.48 RENEC/24hrs and a boosted rate of 0.04 RENEC/HR ( 0.96 RENEC/ 24hrs

Also note, you can mine RENEC (remitano) through the mobile app version or through a web browser in your phone, desktop or a tablet.


How To Get More RENEC

As we said earlier that the RENEC mining rate is 0.02 RENEC per hour. You can as well boost or increase your mining speed through any of this two ways.

Option 1: Invite Friends

To mine more RENEC or get more RENEC coin, is to invite at least five (5) active mining friends.

When you refer your friends to mine RENEC using your referral code or invitation link you are entitled to 20% of the total amount they mined.

Option 2: Transact On Remitano Exchange

You can also increase your mining rate by transacting on the Remitano exchange such as p2p trading, swing and swapping.

When Will Remitano Be Launched

Remitano (RENEC) will be officially launch its mainnet on October 2022. This means anybody that have mined RENEC and also completed their KYC (know your customer) will be able to swap, sell or transfer their coin

Which Country Is Remitano Based?

Many people have asked where remitano is located, country where remitano came from

Remitano is based in Seychelles located in the eastern part of Africa, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ( North America)

Remitano (RENEC) Founder

Remitano (RENEC) is founded in the year 2015 by Babylon Solutions Limited

How To Change Remitano Language To English And Country

To change country

  1. Go to home page
  2. scroll down to the bottom left side, there you will see a list of countries.
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To Change Language

By default, Remitano displays main language based on your country of market. However, you can also display in English by clicking English beside the country.

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Remitano can only be mined, don’t fall for scammers who is or will come telling you to claim RENEC by performing some social media tasks.

For newbies that don’t still understand what remitano (RENEC) is, use Binance Smart Chain (BNB) as an example. Binance is an exchange same goes with remitano, Binance has its own coin as BNB, Remitano has its own coin as RENEC.

Happy Remitano Mining


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