Full Step by Step Guide to withdraw cakecore to Metamask wallet

Discover how to efficiently withdraw CakeCore to your Metamask wallet in this comprehensive guide. CakeCore mining has concluded, and miners are keen to learn the cakecore withdrawal process. This post will walk you through the essential steps to successfully transfer CakeCore to your Metamask


Key Considerations before Withdrawing CakeCore

Before delving into the withdrawal process, familiarize yourself with the following crucial points:

  • CakeCore operates on the Core Dao blockchain, ensuring a secure and efficient withdrawal process.


  • CakeCore has yet to be listed on exchanges, making Metamask the sole platform for withdrawing CakeCore. To proceed, you must integrate the Core Dao blockchain with your Metamask wallet.

To initiate the withdrawal process, follow these steps to integrate the CoreDao blockchain with your Metamask wallet

Access this guide to learn: How to Add Core Network to Metamask Wallet.




Step-by-Step Guide to Withdraw CakeCore to Metamask

Follow these straightforward steps to successfully withdraw your CakeCore to your Metamask wallet:

Download and Install Metamask

Obtain the Metamask wallet app and complete the installation process.

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Access Metamask

Launch the Metamask application.

Switch to Core Network

Within Metamask, adjust your network settings to the Core network.

Image showing how to switch to core network on metamask for cakecore withdrawal


Utilize Metamask Browser

Navigate to the Metamask browser within the application.

Image showing where to see Metamask browser

Log into CakeCore Account

Access your CakeCore account via Metamask by copying and pasting this link:


  • Click on the menu option within the CakeCore interface.


  • Locate and click on the “Airdrop” option.


  • Select “Connect Wallet” to link your Metamask wallet to your CakeCore account.


  • Once successfully connected, proceed to click on the “Withdraw” option and adhere to the provided instructions.


Add Cakecore token to Metamask

Easily expand your cryptocurrency portfolio by adding CakeCore tokens to your Metamask wallet. Use the contract address 0x7C6A914cB866654b50f94e66b80c046DD9225BA9 to seamlessly integrate CakeCore into your wallet. This enables you to conveniently monitor, manage, and engage with your CakeCore holdings directly within the Metamask interface. Empower your financial journey by swiftly incorporating CakeCore into your Metamask ecosystem using the provided contract address.

By following these meticulously outlined steps, you can effortlessly withdraw your CakeCore tokens to your Metamask wallet, ensuring a seamless and error-free process.


Cakecore token contract address

Below is the cakecore contract address

Contract address: 0x7C6A914cB866654b50f94e66b80c046DD9225BA9

Network: CoreDao chain

Decimal: 18

Official site:

Cakecore Total Supply

CakeCore boasts a limited and carefully curated total supply of 2,100,000,000 tokens. This controlled availability ensures scarcity and potential value appreciation over time. With a fixed quantity in circulation, CakeCore presents an opportunity for investors and enthusiasts to engage in a secure and potentially rewarding cryptocurrency experience.

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Cakecore price

Currently, CakeCore holds an undetermined value since it is yet to be listed on any exchange. As a result, its price remains undefined. To stay informed about CakeCore’s listing on exchanges and its potential valuation, it’s recommended to follow their official social media channels. Keeping an eye on their updates will provide insight into when CakeCore becomes available on exchanges, allowing you to seize the opportunity and stay ahead in the cryptocurrency market.

Cakecore Telegram Channel

Cakecore Twitter PageĀ 




With this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you are well-equipped to navigate the CakeCore withdrawal process using your Metamask wallet. Capitalize on these instructions to efficiently manage your CakeCore tokens and facilitate their safe transfer.



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