Full Step By Step On How To Withdraw Core To Metamask – How To Claim Core Through Smart Contract


How To Withdraw Core To Metamask

How To Withdraw Core To Metamask

Note that there is nothing like manual withdrawal of core, core will be done by claiming core through smart contract. See below information shared by the core team

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How to link core withdrawal address

How To Claim Core Through Smart Contract

To claim core through smart contract follow below steps


Steps On How To Claim Your Core Airdrop

  1. Copy or open and paste in your metamask wallet browser
  2. Click on “Airdrop” at the top right of the page
  3. Choose your Country of permanent residence.
  4. The next step it will direct you to connect wallet click on connect wallet
  5. Choose the displayed option, the MetaMask wallet.
  6. Once you select the MetaMask option,the “Connect” button is enabled
  7. Once you click the “Connect” button, you will connect your wallet to the page to claim your CORE tokens.
  8. If you are not already on the Core Mainnet network,a pop up window from your MetaMask wallet will open up and ask you to switch networks.
  9. Make sure the wallet displayed is same with the one you link your Satoshi app with
  10. Click the “Claim” button to proceed.
  11. Click on “Confirm” in your MetaMask to claim your tokens

Once you have claimed your token, you will be sent back to the original view of the homepage.

If you click on the airdrop option once more you will be able to see the date on which you will be able to claim the next batch of tokens.

The initial available amount will be 25% , the remaining 75% will be released every month in the next two (2) years

How Stake Or Delegate Core

  • Open Metamask wallet app
  • Click on the 3 dots by top left of your metamask
  • Select “Browser” and look at the top top end, click it and paste
  • Click the 3 dots by top right and click on “Connect Wallet”
  • Under validators, select the validator you want
  • Click on “Delegate”
  • put the amount of CORE you want to delegate and click on “Delegate”
Note: Delegating your CORE simply means, you are locking it up to recieve interest in return. You can undelegate anytime you want
Delegating, Staking, Vesting and lock up they are all the same thing

Core DAO Contract Address

Contract address : 0x86053267656f1f10ae313f5c292ec7a643f94f52

Network: Core DAO

Core Total supply:




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