How To Increase Avive Mining Rate : 3 Major Ways To Increase Avive soul power

There are four (4) major ways to increase  Avive Mining Rate (soul power ) on the Mining app which includes:


  • Magic stones
  • Gift code
  • Twitter task
  • Referral rewards

How To Increase Avive Mining Rate

Through magic stone

As an interactive tool, Magic Stone can be enhanced by the exchange of behaviors among users. You can initiate Magic Stone Exchange, or join the exchange initiated by others.

2. Magic Stone can only be exchanged once between the same two parties.

3. Sum of Your Final Soul Power after Exchange = Your initial Magic Stone Value + Your initial Magic Stone Value X total extra Magic Stone rate (Obtaining via exchange with friends).

4. The more people you exchange power with, the more your soul power will be.

5. Magic Stone is generated randomly, up to five stones will be displayed in the interface. The first 32 magic stones will be generated on a daily basis (1 magic stone/day). The next 16 magic stones will be generated every other day; the next 8 magic stones will be generated every four days; the next 2 magic stones will be generated every 16 days; the next 1 magic stone will be generated every 32 days.


How to initiate magic stone

  • Login to your avive mining app
  • Click rateon tools
  • Click on magic stone
  • Click on initiate
  • Then copy the code and paste on the telegram group or send to your friends
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How To Join Magic Stone

  • Copy the magic stone code e.g (lightning magic stone, dark magic stone, water magic stone, fire magic stone, and others)
  • Login to your mining app
  • Click on tools
  • Click on magic stone
  • Click on join
  • Then paste the code

See screenshot below

How to Increase Avive soul power

Increase Avive Mining Rate


Through Gift Box

Gift box is an interactive tool that can be used to enhance Soul Power of both parties.

2. You can share your gift code to others, then they can use your gift box.

3. Only one person from the two parties can use the gift box. Gift boxes can only be used once.


4. If the recipient does not have a team or his team number is 0, and his registration time is later than the sender, then he will become the Level 1 friend of the sender.

5. Two Gift boxes will be generated each day, up to 10 boxes will be displayed in the app interface.

How To Input A Gift Box On Avive App

  1. Copy a gift box from the telegram group or from friends
  2. Login to your avive mining app
  3. Click on tools
  4. Click on gift box
  5. Click on use gift box
  6. Paste the gift box code

See screenshot photo below

Image on how to Increase Avive Mining Rate

Increase Avive Mining Rate

Twitter Task

Another way to increase your mining rate ( soul power) is to perform the twitter task (follow them on Twitter @avive_app) then input your twitter username and submit. Within few minutes you will be rewarded with 500k soul power

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Referral Rewards

The more friends you invite to join your team, the stronger your soul power will be, and the more coin rewards you will get.

Soul power of your teammates remain intact when they contributes to your soul power

Your teammate can only contribute to enhancing your Soul Power when they are active in claiming airdrop.

Level 1 Teammate: Friends who join AVIVE by using your invitation code directly. 20% of his Soul Power will contribute to your Team Power

Level 2 Teammate: Friends who join AVIVE by the referral of your Level 1 teammates. 10% of his Soul Power will contribute to your team Power

Avive Mining Invitation Code

Avive Invitation code – grf8u1

Avive Mining Registration Link

Notes: AVIVE implements an anti-cheating mechanism to protect the rights and interests of users. Cheating accounts will be permanently banned to ensure a fair and transparent airdrop ecosystem. Use one account per person/device

Avive Telegram Group

Avive Mining App download

To download the avive official apps check out below


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