Ice Network KYC 3 Questions and Answers

Are you looking for the Ice Network KYC 3 quiz questions and answers? In this blog post, we will delve into the essential quiz questions and their answers to help you get a verified badge on your ice mining app.


Ice Network KYC 3 aims to verify user identities securely, and understanding the quiz questions is crucial for successful completion. By correctly answering these questions, you can ensure a smooth KYC process and comply with the network’s requirements.

In this guide, we will cover key quiz questions that Ice Coin miners worldwide may encounter during the KYC process. By familiarizing yourself with the answers, you can streamline your verification process and be eligible for thge next ice token distribution

Stay tuned as we provide valuable insights into Ice Network KYC 3 quiz questions and equip you with the knowledge needed to ace the verification process. Let’s dive into the world of Ice Network KYC 3 and enhance your understanding of its quiz requirements.

Ice Network KYC 3 Quiz Questions and Answers

Ice Network KYC Level 3 is a critical component for Ice Coin Miners worldwide. This level of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification ensures a secure and compliant environment for miners to operate in. By completing the Ice Network KYC Level 3, miners authenticate their identities and stand the chance to p

1. How is the Pre-Stake bonus inn the Ice project rewarded to users?
Ans: By Increasing their mining rate.


2. What is the Ice network’s approach to governance?
Ans: Decentralized, community driven governance.

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3. What information can you find on the team screen in the Ice project app?
Ans: The current check-in activity of your referrals.

4. What does the term halving refer to in the cryptocurrency industry?
Ans: The process of reducing the issuance rate of new coins.

5. What is the you and your Tier 1 friends receive when mining together?
Ans: 25% bonus.

6. On what network will the Ice distribution take place?
Ans: BNB Smart Chain.

7. How can users earn Ice in the Ice network?
Ans: By checking in every 24 hours.


8. How does the Ice project aim to demonstrate the value and reliability of its digital coin to gain wider acceptance?
Ans: By building trust with owners and users.

9. What type of bonus do you receive for friends referred by you (Tier 1) and those referred by your friends (Tier 2) in the Ice project?
Ans: 25% for Tier 1 and 5% for Tier 2.

10. How often will the BNB Smart Chain distribution occur in the Ice Network?
Ans: Monthly.

11. Why did the Ice project team feel the need to create a new cryptocurrency?
Ans: To create a transparent, fair, and accessible cryptocurrency.

12. How are Validators selected and reelected in the Ice network?
Ans: Validators are elected by the community and must be reelected every two years.

13. How many times can you benefit from the resurrection option in the Ice project?
Ans: Once.

14. When are users notified about the availability of extra bonuses in the Ice project?
Ans: Between 10:00 and 20:00.

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15. What factors determine the total supply of Ice coins?
Ans: Multiple factors, including total registered users, online miners, halving events and bonuses.

16. What blockchain technology does the Ice project use for its consensus mechanism known for its speed, security and scalability?
Ans: Proof-of-Stake (POS)

17. What is the role of validators in the Ice network’s governance and operation?
Ans: Validators are tasked with maintain the network’s security and availability.

18. In the Ice project, what is the purpose of the resurrection feature?
Ans: To restore all slashed coins after a period of inactivity.

19. What is the primary role of the Ecosystem Growth and Innovation Pool Fund in the Ice network?
Ans: To foster innovation and expand the ecosystem.

20. Does mining in the Ice network require keeping the app open all the time?
Ans: No, mining doesn’t consume any phone resources.

21. What is the primary focus of the Treasury Fund in the Ice network’s financial ecosystem?
Ans: Supporting research and development efforts.

22. What sets Ice apart fromother cryptocurrencies in terms of mining?
Ans: Ice mining requires zero energy processing power,and battery life.

23. How can a user restore lost coin due to inactivity in the Ice project?
Ans: By initiating a new check-in session and choosing the resurrection option.


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