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Ice coin distribution has gained significant traction in the crypto world, offering participants the opportunity to be part of a thriving ecosystem. Recently, the Ice team made a strategic decision to transition from Ethereum to the BNB Smart Chain for distributing Ice coins. This move was driven by the preferences expressed by the dedicated Ice community, who have been vocal in their support for this change. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the new process of Ice coin distribution on the BNB Smart Chain and provide step-by-step instructions for participants.

Understanding the KYC Steps for Ice Coin Distribution

To ensure regulatory compliance and maintain the integrity of the Ice coin distribution, participants are required to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. The KYC process involves several steps, starting with Step 1, which includes liveness detection and face recognition technology. This critical step verifies the authenticity and uniqueness of each participant’s account, fortifying the network against duplicates and bots.

Updating Your BNB Smart Chain Address for Ice Coin Distribution

With the transition of Ice coin distribution to the BNB Smart Chain network, participants need to update their BNB Smart Chain addresses. This ensures a smooth transition and seamless distribution of Ice coins. Updating the BNB Smart Chain address can be done within the Ice mobile app or the preferred BNB Smart Chain wallet. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to update your address:

  1. first, copy your BNB smart chain address from either okx exchange (recommended), OKX wallet , metamask, or trust wallet .
  2. Open the Ice mobile app
  3. Look for the option to update your BNB Smart Chain address.
  4. paste the address
  5. Verify the address for accuracy before saving the changes.
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Displaying Your Ice Coin Count and Meeting the Monthly Verification Requirement

Within the Ice mobile app, participants can easily view their Ice coin balances. The stats screen displays the total number of Ice coins, including pre-staked and blockchain coins. Additionally, to maintain the integrity of the platform, participants are required to fulfill a monthly verification requirement. This ensures consistent account ownership and eligibility for future distributions.


Leveraging Community Engagement for a Successful Transition

The Ice team values community feedback and actively encourages community engagement in shaping the future of Ice coin distribution on the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem. By actively participating in discussions, providing feedback, and sharing insights, community members contribute to the overall success of the transition.

Preparing for the Upcoming BNB Smart Chain Distribution Rounds

To prepare for the upcoming distribution rounds on the BNB Smart Chain network, participants should ensure accuracy in providing their BNB Smart Chain addresses. This is crucial for receiving Ice coins during the distribution period. By double-checking the provided address, participants can avoid any potential issues and ensure a seamless distribution process.

Looking Ahead: Anticipating the Mainnet Launch of Ice Coin

With the successful transition to the BNB Smart Chain network, participants can look forward to the mainnet launch of Ice Coin. This marks an exciting milestone in the project’s journey, opening up new opportunities and possibilities for Ice coin holders and enthusiasts.

Ice token Distribution Requirements

Ice Token Distribution Process  Ensuring transparency and fairness, the Ice token distribution process follows specific guidelines for users to receive their ICE token. To qualify for Ice token distribution, users are required to meet the following criteria:

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1. Minimum Balance Requirement    – Users must maintain a minimum balance of 1,000 Ice tokens in their accounts to be eligible for the distribution process.

2. KYC Verification    – Successful completion of KYC Step 1 and KYC Step 2 verification is mandatory. This ensures a secure and compliant distribution process.


3. BNB Smart Chain Address    – Users are required to have set up a BNB Smart Chain (BSC) address within their accounts. This ensures the accurate and seamless transfer of ICE coins.

Kindly consider pasting your BNB (BEP20) address from your OKX Exchange into the designated address box on your Ice app. While this step is optional, if you decide to retain other wallets in the app, ensure to include the provided Contract Address (CA). This will ensure the seamless addition of Ice to your list of assets.

4. Active Mining Session    – Participation in the distribution process requires users to have an active mining session. This emphasises engagement and involvement in the Ice network.  By adhering to these criteria, users contribute to a transparent and inclusive distribution process, fostering a community-driven approach to Ice token allocation.


Participating in Ice coin distribution on the BNB Smart Chain is an exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. By following the steps outlined in this guide, participants can navigate the new process smoothly and securely. The Ice team encourages active engagement and participation from the community, as they continue to build a secure and thriving ecosystem. Together, we can shape the future of Ice coin distribution and contribute to a more inclusive and efficient crypto landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ice coin distribution?

Ice coin distribution involves the allocation of Ice coins to participants within the Ice ecosystem. It provides an opportunity for individuals to acquire Ice coins and be part of the growing community.

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Why did Ice transition from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain for distribution?

The transition to BNB Smart Chain was driven by community feedback and preferences. It offers benefits such as improved scalability and lower transaction fees, enhancing the overall experience of Ice coin distribution.

How do I update my BNB Smart Chain address?

To update your BNB Smart Chain address, open the Ice mobile app or your preferred BNB Smart Chain wallet. on your homepage scroll a bit you will see “BNB SMART CHAIN ADDRESS” Click on it and paste your BNB smart chain wallet address

When will Ice Token start its distribution to our wallet? 

The initial distribution of Ice tokens is scheduled to commence on January 17, 2024. Users who meet the specified eligibility criteria can anticipate receiving their Ice tokens during this distribution phase.

When will Ice be listed on OKX wallet for trading? 

The trading of Ice tokens on the OKX wallet is set to kick off on January 19, 2024, starting at 10:00 AM UTC. This marks the beginning of spot trading, allowing users to engage in trading activities with Ice tokens on the OKX platform.

When will the BNB Smart Chain distribution rounds occur?

The BNB Smart Chain distribution rounds will occur monthly starting from January till October 2024, 10% of your unlocked balance will be distributed monthly.

What can we expect after the mainnet launch of Ice Coin?

The mainnet launch of Ice Coin opens up new opportunities and possibilities for Ice Coin holders and enthusiasts. It marks an exciting milestone in the project’s journey.

Is their difference between ice token listing and ice coin mainnet launch?

Yes, ice token is listed under binance smart chain which will happen on the 19th of January 2024 while the ice coin mainnet launch which is the ice network Blockchain will occur on the 7th of October 2024. After the mainnet launch of the ice network the Ice token can be swappable to ice coin.

Remember to regularly check official announcements for detailed information about the upcoming BNB Smart Chain distribution and stay engaged and informed as the Ice ecosystem evolves and grows. Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


Which wallets can I use to withdraw my ice token?

For seamless ICE token distribution or withdrawals, you have the flexibility to use either your OKX exchange wallet address or any Web3 wallet address. Popular options include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and other compatible wallets.

When next is ice token distribution?

ICE token distribution will occur on a monthly basis. As part of this distribution, you will receive 10% of your balance, excluding any pre-staked amounts.


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