How To Buy and Sell SMG Token Full Guild

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Asking about how to buy and sell smg token?, how to buy SMG token?, where to buy SMG token?, how to sell SMG token? and how/where to swap SMG Token to Usdt? Keep reading as we are going to elaborate and explain step to steps on how to do them yourself.

For those that came across this topic but don’t know what SMG Token is all about should read here for full explanations on What SMG Token is.

How To Buy and Sell SMG Token

For one to buy, sell and swap a coin or token their must be an exchange where that particular crypto is listed on.

Below are exchanges where SMG token is been listed on

  • Bitmart
  • Cons Bit
  • Fatbtc
  • Catex And more coming soon

How to Buy SMG Token

Buying any crypto currency need doing the following

  • Have your fund
  • Convert your fiat currency to Usdt
  • Then trade

So let’s explain the processes on how to buy SMG Token

Step 1: Know Where A SMG Token Is Listed On

To know where a coin or token has been listed on, you can get the information on any of the price-tracking websites for crypto assets or cryptocurrency data aggregator sites like Coingecko and Coinmarketcap (CMC).

Step 2: Registering On An Exchange

The first step to take before buying any coin or token is getting registered on an of the exchanges where the coin or token is listed on

Click here to register on Bitmart Exchange

Another thing is to check the check the crypto trading volume and trust rate

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Now let’s check to know the exchange that has a good volume and good trust rate on Coingecko

As you can see on the picture below Bitmart has the best trading volume and trust rate.

SnapMarkup 20225807 055821

Step 3: Converting Your Fiat Currency To SMG Paired Currency

Now before you are able to purchase this token or any other token the next thing to do is to know the paired currency you can swap or trade the currency with.

Like here on this picture, the paired currency is Usdt

SnapMarkup 20224208 124206

To buy SMG token now you need

  • Buy Usdt either from Binance or any reliable source where you can buy Usdt from
  • Move or transfer the Usdt to your exchange account (Bitmart)
  • Wait for the Usdt to be credited to your account

Now is time for the main deal which is converting the Usdt to SMG Token

On your exchange (bitmart) app or site

  • Click on trade
  • Change the default pairs to SMGTO/USDT
SnapMarkup 20225408 125458
SnapMarkup 20225208 125224
  • Make sure you are on BUY column
  • The fill in the amount to buy, the rate to buy from
  • Click on Buy
  • Wait for the transaction to be executed which you can track on your trading history.

How to Sell SMG Token

To sell SMG token you need to move it to an exchange (Bitmart) from where is been stored already or if is also stored on your exchange account.

Follow the steps below

Step 1: Move Or Transfer Your SMG Token to an Exchange

  • If your smg token is on another wallet now move, transfer or withdraw it to an exchange (Bitmart)
  • If is already on exchange (Bitmart) good follow below steps
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Step 2: Convert SMG Token to USDT

On buying we converted from Usdt to SMG Token but now we are selling we will be Converting from SMG Token to Usdt

  • On your exchange account (Bitmart) click on trade
  • Switch to SELL column as shown in the picture
SnapMarkup 20220508 010515
  • Enter amount to sell and rate selling to
  • Click on sell
  • Wait for the transaction to be completed

Step 3: Converting Usdt to your Fiat Currency

To convert to your fiat currency you can do the following

  • Transfer the Usdt to another person that needs the Usdt then the person sends you your local currency to your bank account
  • You can transfer the Usdt to Binance or other exchange that support swapping of Usdt to fiat currency

All done right? Congratulations

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