How to join Catly Airdrop: Full Explanation On How To Register And Buy Catly Presale

Discover Catly, the revolutionary platform that is set to revolutionize crypto space. Join the Catly Airdrop and claim your 500 free CATLY Tokens with auto staking. Find out how to join and be part of the crypto revolution!




Looking for an exciting investment opportunity in the crypto world? Look no further! Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Catly, the platform that is about to turn the crypto space upside down. And the best part? You have the exclusive opportunity to join us on this wild ride.

Experience the Unique Benefits of the Catly Airdrop

Catly is not your ordinary crypto platform. It introduces the world’s first token that supports buybacks during the presale. This means that during the initial stages, you can enjoy some incredible advantages. But that’s not all! Catly has partnered with Binance, one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges, to offer an exclusive promotion.

Claim 500 CATLY Tokens for Free

If you’re a Binance user, here’s some fantastic news for you. You can claim 500 CATLY Tokens for free! These tokens come with auto staking, allowing you to earn even more rewards effortlessly. And the best part? Once the claimed airdrops are listed, you are free to sell or stake them again. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!


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How to Join the Catly Airdrop

Ready to be part of the Catly revolution? Here’s how you can join the Catly Airdrop and unlock the future of crypto

Step 1: Register on Binance Exchange

If you’re not already a Binance user, Sign Up for an account on their platform. It’s quick and easy.

Step 2: Register on Catly’s Website

To continue, navigate to Catly’s website and locate the “Signup” button. Click on it and proceed to create your account using your Gmail credentials and a password.

Step 3: Claim Catly Airdrop Token

After successfully registering, proceed to the top right corner of the page and click on “CLAIM.” You will be prompted to enter your USDT (Bep-20) wallet address from Binance. Once you’ve filled in the required information, simply submit the form.

Step 4: Verify the USDT Airdrop

Without any delay, head over to your Binance Spot account to check the received amount of USDT. You can also refer to the email notification sent by Binance. Keep a close watch for the USDT being credited to your Binance account and ensure that the received amount matches.


Step 5: Validate the Airdrop on Catly

Return to the Catly website, where you will be prompted to enter the amount of USDT that was transferred to your Binance account.

Note: You’ll need to enter the last 4 digits of the $USDT received as the code to verify your account. Enter only the last 4 digits of the USDT amount they sent to your Binance email. For example, if they sent 0.001818, you should input only 1818

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Congratulations! You have successfully claimed 500 Catly tokens, which will be added to your stake balance. Additionally, you will receive 15 Catly tokens daily as 3% staking rewards.

Please be aware that the 500 CATLY Airdrop, provided by the system, will be automatically staked for a duration of 15 days. After this period, it will be automatically unstaked and locked until Catly is listed on the exchange and sent to your private wallet. You have the flexibility to withdraw the rewards from the airdrop stake on a daily basis or reinvest them.

Catly Presale: An Opportunity for Lucrative Returns

Are you eager to unlock even more advantages? Take part in the Catly presale by investing a minimum of $1, and you’ll receive 250 Catly tokens as stake. As a presale participant, you’ll enjoy a daily reward of 3%, which can be promptly converted into USDT and deposited into your Binance wallet. Once your Catly tokens have been staked, they will remain locked for 15 days before being automatically unlocked. At that point, you’ll have the option to either restake or sell them for potential gains.

How to buy Catly presale

To participate in the Catly presale, you can purchase a minimum of $1, which is equivalent to 250 Catly tokens, or a maximum of $10,000, which is equal to 2.5 million Catly tokens. The presale price is set at $0.004 per Catly token. To buy Catly presale, follow the simple steps outlined below:

  • Open the Catly website and log in to your account.
  • Locate the “Token” option at the bottom left corner of your homepage.
  • Scroll down slightly and click on “Buy Catly with USDT.”
  • Copy the displayed USDT BEP20 wallet address and use it to make the payment using any compatible exchange or wallet.
  • After approximately 2 minutes, click on “Confirm” to finalize the purchase.
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That’s it! You will receive your Catly tokens upon completion of the above steps

Catly Contract Address and Details

Total Supply

2,100,000,000 CATLY


BNB Smart Chain

Contract Address








Exercise Caution and Invest Responsibly

While we believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies, it’s important to exercise caution and invest responsibly. Not all coins are created equal, so it’s crucial to conduct your research and make informed decisions.

When Will Catly Be Listed On An Exchange?

Curious about the listing date for Catly? We have some thrilling updates! Catly is planned to be listed once the presale achieves 70% sold. You can monitor the presale progress on your homepage to stay informed.

How to join Catly Airdrop: Full Explanation On How To Register And Buy Catly Presale

But that’s not all! Catly has formed partnerships with over 8 prominent exchange platforms, such as Binance, Pancake, OKX, KuCoin, Gate, ByBit Bitforex, Huobi, and Biconomy. With these partnerships in place, Catly is poised to make a significant impact in the crypto industry.


Catly is the future of crypto, and you have the chance to be part of it. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unlock the full potential of Catly. Don’t miss out on the exclusive Catly Airdrop, where you can claim 500 CATLY Tokens for free with auto staking. Sign up now and get ready to ride the wave of the crypto revolution!

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