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Explore Futuristicswap Mining and its innovative FWAP token. Join the future of decentralized finance today.



Futuristicswap Mining: Unleash the Power of FWAP Token in Defi

Introducing Futuristicswap Mining, the cutting-edge mining solution for FWAP tokens built on COREDAO (CORE). Dive into the world of Futuristicswap, the leading decentralized exchange on COREDAO, offering diverse utilities in the DeFi space and beyond.

What is Futuristicswap?

Futuristicswap, powered by its versatile FWAP token, is a revolutionary decentralized exchange. FWAP serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem, including functioning as a DEX, wallet, bank, P2E games currency, NFT marketplace currency, and more.

Futuristicswap Utilities

Experience a range of utilities:

Image showing futuristicswap ecosystem

Futuristicswap ecosystem



FuturisticSwap’s decentralized exchange offers a comprehensive range of features, including trading, liquidity provision, banking services, a lottery system, P2E games, its own launchpad (FuturisticPad), and the platform’s inaugural NFT marketplace. The primary utility of FWAP is as a currency within this decentralized exchange (DEX), eliminating the need for centralized exchanges in cryptocurrency trading.

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Futuristic Pad

FuturisticPad serves as the decentralized launchpad for upcoming projects, hosting events like IDOs, ICOs, IFOs, IEOs, and IAOS. Projects that meet FuturisticPad’s criteria can utilize this platform for their fundraising initiatives.

Futuristic Nft Marketplace/Tokenization

FuturisticNftmarketplace not only houses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) but also extends NFT technology to real-world assets such as real estate and gadgets. Tokenization is achieved by paying minting fees in FWAP, which assigns a unique ID to the asset. While FWAP is a primary currency for minting, other cryptocurrencies can also be used. The NFT marketplace also features Initial NFT Offerings (INOs).

Futuristic Bank

Futuristic Bank offers an “invest to earn” banking feature where users can earn passive income by staking their tokens. Users have the opportunity to earn a fixed percentage daily, along with incentives and rewards. A variety of banking pools are available, complemented by referral and team bonuses.

Futuristic Lottery

Futuristic Lottery is a play-to-win game where users match digits on a lottery card to win prizes. FWAP is used to purchase entry tickets, allowing users to participate multiple times. This adds an additional layer of utility to FWAP, offering users diverse ways to engage with the platform and earn rewards

Futuristic Wallet

FuturisticSwap’s decentralized wallet provides users with a secure and user-friendly platform to store and safeguard their assets. The wallet incorporates unique security measures and features an intuitive interface. It aims to facilitate transactions with low fees and advanced technology.


Futuristic Pay

FuturisticPay is a payment feature within the Futuristicswap ecosystem, enabling users to conduct transactions swiftly and securely. The system is designed to keep fees low while utilizing smart technology for efficient payment processing.

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Futuristic Chain

FuturisticChain is the underlying blockchain that powers the entire FuturisticSwap ecosystem. It serves as the decentralized ledger for all transactions within the platform, ensuring transparency, security, and decentralization

Futuristicswap (FWAP) Token Information

Explore the FWAP token:

Name: FuturisticSwap

Symbol: FWAP

Decimal: 18

Total Supply: 2,100,000,000

Contract Address:


How to Start Mining Futuristicswap Tokens (FWAP) – Register

Kickstart your mining journey

  • Access the app or web
  • Tap on “Register
  • Fill in your details in the form as shown below using “realwinner” as your invite code
Image showing how to register on futuristicswap Mining app and web

Futuristicswap Mining registration

  • After successful registration, proceed to login to your account
Image about Futuristicswap mining login

Futuristicswap Mining login

  • Click the “Start Mining Now” to begin mining . Once the system displays”Mining Started” the process is complete
Image showing how to mine FWAP Coin

FWAP Coin mining

Your mining process begins, earning you 2.4 FWAP coins.

Remember to log in every 24 hours and click “Continue Mining” to sustain your mining.

Futuristicswap Mining Invite Code 

Use the invite code “realwinner” to join the innovative world of Futuristicswap and unlock the potential of FWAP’s versatile ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Boost Your FWAP Mining Power

Invite friends to maximize your rewards:

Earn 5% from your 1st generation.

Earn 3% from your 2nd generation.

A total of 8% is earned from active teammates daily from both generations.

1st Generation: users who joined futuristicswap IAO (initial Airdrop Offering) by using your invite code directly, 5% of the users daily mining is contributed to your team.

2nd Generation: user’s who joined futuristicswap IAO by your Ist generation teammates, 3% of the users daily mining is contributed to your team bonus.

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Futuristicswap Mining Login

Web Mining Page

Mining App

  • Open the mobile app.
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • Click “Login” to start mining.

Futuristicswap Mining App Download

For the mining app:

Android users can Download From Play Store

iOS users can download from App Store


What blockchain is Futuristicswap built on?

Futuristicswap is built on COREDAO (CORE), although it’s not limited to this blockchain.

When can mined FWAP be withdrawn?

Details about the withdrawal process will be disclosed after the IAO (Initial Airdrop Offering) concludes.

Where can I get FWAP?

You can currently obtain FWAP through its IAO, involving daily mining. FWAP can also be acquired by participating in its upcoming IDO (Initial DEX Offering). Following the launch, FWAP will be available for trading and purchase on its DEX and other listed exchanges.

What is FWAP’s total supply?

FWAP’s maximum total supply is 2.1 billion tokens.

What are Futuristicswap’s use cases/utilities?

Futuristicswap boasts an array of use cases/utilities, including FuturisticDex, FuturisticPad, FuturisticsLottery, FuturisticBank, FuturisticWallet, FuturisticPay, FuturisticP2egames, FuturisticNftmarketplace, and FuturisticChain.

Does Futuristicswap have a token?

Yes, FWAP serves as the ecosystem token for Futuristicswap


Futuristicswap Social Media Channels

For more information follow futuristicswap on:

Telegram Channel

Telegram Global Group Chat



In conclusion, Futuristicswap offers a diverse ecosystem with its FWAP token, providing utilities such as a decentralized exchange, launchpad, NFT marketplace, banking, and more. With user-friendly features, low fees, and advanced technology, Futuristicswap aims to reshape the future of DeFi. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this innovative platform. Join futuristicswap Mining today to earn free FWAP Coin


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